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Thai Silk

Thai silk is a handwoven silk fabric that comes out of North-east part of Thailand. To read more on Thai silk please click this link.

Thai silk is a variety of silk fabric produced in Thailand from Thai silk worm cocoons. Traditional Thai silk is always hand woven and thus each piece is unique when viewed under magnification. The majority of Thai silk comes from the northeast region of Thailand though production facilities can be found across the country.

In addition to the hand woven irregularities; Thai silk can also be identified by its reaction to light and fire. As Thai silk is moved in the light different colors and luster levels emerge depending on the angle at which the fabric is held. Additionally when burned (something we wouldn't really like to see happening) Thai silk has the distinct scent of burning hair.

Thai silk is categorized under guidelines set forth by the Thailand government. This helps avoid imitations and provide consumer confidence in the product. The ratings use a colored peacock method to indicate the type of silk used in the fabric as well as the means of producing it. A gold peacock indicates handmade production, natural dyes and genuine Thai silk from native Thai silkworms. A silver peacock indicates handmade production, natural dyes and real silk from a set of approved silkworm breeds. A blue peacock indicates possible use of chemical dyes, natural silk of unspecified origins and unspecified production methods. A green peacock indicates a silk/miscellaneous fiber blend with possible use of chemical dyes and no specific production method. Among these four categories gold peacock silk is the most expensive and green peacock silk is the least.