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Tartan Check

Tartan-check is a pattern that is very similar to plaid and the so-called window-pane check pattern. To learn more about tartan check and to see an image of this pattern, please click here.

Tartan check is a type of pattern that closely resembles plaid, though it can typically be found in more variations than plaid. Whereas plaid is typically composed of uniform colored stripes meeting at 90 degree angles, tartan check often has various width stripes in an array of colors.

Though the term tartan check is used to describe the pattern found on tartan cloth, the word tartan can be used interchangeably to describe both the pattern on the cloth or the cloth its self.

While tartan cloth has a long history dating back to medieval Scotland and is tightly integrated into their culture, today tartan check patterned cloth can be found across the globe and is used to adorn anything from clothing to furniture upholstery. One of the most recognized tartan-check pattern is the beige, red, and black check pattern by fashion house Burberry (see top right image).