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Suspenders are straps that are worn over the shoulders to hold up pants in place of a belt. To read the full story and history behind suspenders please click the link.

Suspenders have been used to hold up trousers for over 300 years. The design has changed slightly and the "modern suspender", the design still in use today, was invented by Albert Thurston in 1822. Mr Thurston was the first to produce suspenders as we know them today and up to this point his company, Albert Thurston, is known for their suspenders.

Traditionally suspenders are attached to the pants with the help of buttons, and many fashion experts consider this the only way to wear them. The first suspenders were buttoned to the pants from the outside. The back of the pants was slightly raised at the part where the suspenders were attached (the look is often times compared to a fishtail). Today suspenders are buttoned on the outside as well as the inside of the pants. There are two styles of suspenders: The "X" and the "Y" style - the way the suspenders look from the back when worn. Suspenders should never be worn in combination with a belt.