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Suede is a leather that has been brushed to create a napped finish. To read more on suede and it's uses please click this link.

Most commonly, suede is a type of leather with a surface that has been treated to produce a napped finish; though other fabrics can carry a similar finish and be marketed under the same name. Traditionally suede is produced from lamb, pig, deer or goat skin. While it is possible to use cow hides, their fibrous nature produces a shaggier nap that is not as popular as the much softer short nap that can be created from other animal hides.

Because suede is much softer than other leathers it is a popular component of a wide range of products such as clothing, upholstery, handbags and gloves. Suede is also used as a lining for leather products to give people the look of traditional leather with the comfort that suede offers.

Due to the surface treatments that gives suede its signature look and feel it is not a durable product and is prone to becoming dirty much more quickly than other types of leather. Because of this leather suede alternatives are becoming quite popular in the marketplace as they are more durable, animal friendly and just as comfortable.