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The sporran is the name of the "man's purse" worn in combination with a kilt. To read more about this traditional Scottish clothing accessory please click this link:

The sporran is a Scottish male purse that is worn as part of the traditional Scottish Highland outfit. Sporran is actually the Gaelic word for purse and serves both decorative and utility purposes when worn with the pocketless kilt. A sporran is typically attached by a chain that runs around the waist and hangs directly below the belt buckle. Typically sporrans are constructed out of leather or fur with various degrees of silver metal ornamentations. The construction techniques, materials and degree of ornamentation are directly related to the usage case of the sporran. For instance, day sporrans (casual) are typically plain leather pouches with minimal ornamentation whereas dress sporrans have a high degree of ornamentation and can even be decorated with precious gems.