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Smoking Jacket

The smoking jacket is a short length jacket with a shawl collar that was intended as a protective garment while smoking tobacco. Please click the link to read more...

A smoking jacket is a type of leisurewear that was originally intended to be worn around the house while smoking tobacco products such as cigars or pipes.

The original smoking jacket is easily distinguished by its short length, shawl collar, turned up cuffs and construction out of silk, velvet or a combination of the two.

The smoking jacket is an evolution of a much older garment known as a silk dressing gown. Around the mid-17th century smoking tobacco gained additional popularity in Europe which led to the creation of a smoking jacket intended to protect wearers clothing from falling ash and the stench of tobacco smoke. Later on the smoking jacket transformed to the tuxedo - the garment that makes up formal black tie attire for men.