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Skinny Ties

The skinny necktie is a tie that is usually 1.5 - 2.5 inches in width. For more information please click here:

The skinny necktie refers to a tie that is narrower than a regular width tie. Most skinny ties are 1.5-2.5 inches in width and have a standard length of 58-60 inches. The narrow necktie became first popular in the late 1960s and was typically black in color. Since the this fashionable tie has gone in and out of style. In the past several years the skinny tie has become especially popular among younger, more fashion oriented men. Skinny ties are often spotted at red carpet events, movie awards, or at a trendy bar or club scene.

Skinny ties look best when worn with suits that have a more narrow lapel, a dress shirt that has a narrow to medium collar spread, and tie knot that is smaller in size. Excellent tie knots are the half windsor and the classic four in hand knot.

Although most skinny ties are made from silk like regular width neckties, common alternatives are leather, wool (typically knitted with flat bottom), as well as a wide range of synthetic fibers.

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