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Savile Row

Savile Row is the name of a street located in central London. It if famous for high end tailors. To read more on Savile Row please click this link.

Savile Row is a street in central London that is famous for being populated with tailoring shops that produce high end custom made clothing. Of notable mention is the fact that most people believe the term bespoke to have originated on Savile Row, and today you can find the term used in the names of many tailors that do business there.

Far from being a planned shopping center, Savile Row naturally evolved over time from a single tailor shop, to a collection of tailors all on the same street surrounded by other fashion institutions.

Though famous tailoring shops existed prior to the founding of Sevile Row, it was not until 1733 that the road its self was created and officially recognized. Named for Countess Dorthy Savile (wife of the Earl of Burlington) Savile Row was created to bring tailor shops together into a more condensed space.

Royals, dignitaries, actors and businessmen have frequented Savile Row for decades. However, due to the decline in formal style and the wider availability of tailored suits Savile Row is currently in decline. As of 2006 there were only 19 tailors doing business on the Row. To combat this, various trade groups have been established and websites have been launched to educate consumers about bespoke clothing in hopes of drawing a new generation of customers.