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Riding Boots

The riding boot is a boot style designed for horseback riding. For more information about the different styles of riding boots, please click here:

A riding boot is a style of boot worn by those riding horseback. The riding boot has several design features that make it advantageous while on horseback and on the ground. An extended heel prevents the boot from slipping through the stirrups, the tall rise of the boot prevents the saddle from pinching the riders leg and the reinforced toe acts as a means of gaining more solid footing on uneven or wet terrain.

There are several different styles of riding boots, each one designed to be the best for the situation it was intended. Field boots have more flexibility around the ankle for easier walking, dress boots are stiffer and more formal looking; there are also hunt boots and paddock boots.

Traditionally riding boots were constructed out of leather; today, however, riding boots can be found in a variety of different materials including reinforced suede, faux leather and other synthetic materials like vinyl.