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Rayon is a semi-synthetic fiber that closely resembles the look and feel of natural silk. To read more on rayon and its uses in the textile and fashion industry please click this link.

Rayon is a popular semi synthetic fabric that is used extensively in the clothing industry to produce articles of clothing that resembles natural silk in both appearance and texture. Created in 1800s, Rayon was originally invented by French scientists who were looking for an inexpensive alternative to costly silk. It was not until the 1920s however when DuPont chemicals bought the rights to manufacture Rayon that it quickly gained worldwide acceptance as a desirable textile.

Due to the elaborate manufacturing process required to create Rayon fibers there is a common misconception that Rayon is a synthetic material; when in fact it is actually a semi-synthetic material. Rayon starts its life as natural cellulose fiber but must go through a complex manufacturing process involving many different toxic chemical to get the end result of a silky fiber. Because Rayon bears no resemblance to its original cellulose fiber it is known as a manufactured fiber or semi synthetic material.

One of the popular draws of Rayon, besides its inexpensive price, is the fact that it can be used in so many different textile applications. Rayon can be stitched, woven and knitted into a variety of different configurations resulting in textiles that have a variety of appearances and textures. Rayon-based fabrics are popular among clothing manufacturers due to the fabrics ability to drape well in addition to Rayon's natural propensity for not insulating body heat. This makes Rayon-based clothing an ideal candidate for hot weather environments where high insulating clothes are not desirable.