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Poplin, or also known as Irish Poplin, is a fabric made from both silk in the warp and worsted yarn in the weft. To read more on Poplin, please click the link on the left.

The term Poplin originated from the French word papeline (a fabric made in Avignon) during the 14th century. Poplin is a fabric that combines silk yarn in the warp, and worsted fiber in the weft. The mix of these two fibers creates a fabric that slightly more rigid, somewhat similar to linen, but still has a soft feel and nice shine. Typically poplin is woven with a fine repp texture.

In men's neckwear, poplin is commonly used on classic striped ties, British pattern regimental ties, and repp striped ties. One of the most well known designers using poplin in their ties is Irish tie maker Atkinsons. Besides neckties poplin is commonly used in exclusive upholstery and other formal garments.