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Pina Fabric

Pina fabric is made out of the leaves from the pineapple plant. It has a course basket weave look that is similar to linen. To read more and to see pictures please click this link.

Pina is the name of both the fiber that is created from the leaves of the pineapple palm as well as the name for the fabric from which this fiber is spun. Both the fiber and the fabric are popular in the Philippines though Pina has also gained worldwide acceptance among small niche communities such as environmentalists. Pina fabric is similar to linen in appearance, uses and properties. It is not uncommon for Pina fabric to be created out of a blend of both Pina fibers and silk or polyester; especially when softer or more lustrous properties are desired. The Pina fiber is harvested by scraping away the outer layers of the pineapple leaf in order to reveal the inner fibers. These fibers are then pulled away from the leaf and knotted together into a continuous thread which can then be woven into a fabric.