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Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin is a french fashion house founded by Italian-born Pietro Cardin in 1950. To read more on this brand and its influence on mens fashion please click the link.

Pierre Cardin was founded by Italian born Pietro Cardin in 1950. Cardin moved to France in 1945, then 23 years of age, to study architecture in Paris. After finishing his education he realized that fashion was his first passion and he started a job at a French dress maker. After only two years in the industry he became Christian Dior's head tailor. Then in 1950 he decided to start his own label under the name "Pierre Cardin".

Cardin's background in architecture is quite evident in his designs which commonly show evidence of geometric shapes and hard-edged minimalism. In mens fashion he is most noted for bringing the previously traditional suit into the spotlight of high fashion. This high-buttoned and collarless suit was commonly worn by the Beatles throughout the 1960s.