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Oxford Cloth

Oxford cloth is a fine basketweave-pattern fabric that is commonly used on men's dress shirts. To read more and to see a sample picture please click this link.

Oxford cloth is a woven textile that is typically used in the construction of Oxford shirts, though it can be used in other types of clothing as well and is extensively used by designers looking to add unique touches to their clothing.

Oxford cloth has a subtle basketweave appearance which is semi-illustrious and gives the fabric a near silk like sheen. There are three common grades of Oxford cloth which are defined by modifications to the traditional basket weave of Oxford cloth. Pinpoint Oxford is a more casual weave that incorporates white fibers into the mix for additional visual contrast and casual appearance. Royal Oxford, unlike the other two varieties, is considered to be much more formal; though not widely used. The dramatically apparent basket weave in Royal Oxford cloth is considered not to be in fashion at this point in time therefore even though it is the most formal of a cloth options you are still more likely to find plain oxford cloth used in the construction of formal dress shirts.