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Nino Cerutti

Nino Cerruti is an Italian fashion designer that is most known for their elegant Italian suits. To read more on Curruti and to find out about the company's history, please click this link.

Nino Cerruti is a popular Italian fashion designer and textile producer. Many people consider Nino Cerruti to be one of the founders of Italian men’s fashion. At the age of 20 Cerruti took control of his family's textile business and quickly began a transformation that positioned his family business as not only a leader in fine textiles but also a leader in Italian menswear fashion.

Before he took control, the Cerruti textile mills only focused on producing textiles; however Nino was far more interested in fashion than textile construction therefore he began using the premium textiles created in his family's mills to create streamlined suit designs that are now synonymous with Italian style suits. By combining quality textured fabrics with minimalist design Nino Cerruti created the modern Italian suit.

Cerruti’s first line of suits (entitled Hitman) debuted in 1957 and quickly became a worldwide success. Shortly thereafter the first Cerruti boutique was opened in 1967 in Paris; that same year Cerruti released his first line of unisex clothing. In addition to being popular among businessmen, Cerutti is also a popular designer amongst Hollywood movie stars and has designed clothes for the films The Witches of Eastwick, Pretty Woman and Philadelphia.