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Kiton is a high-end Italian clothing brand initially was known as an exclusive men's suit tailor. TO read the entire story about this brand label please click this link.

Kiton is an Italian fashion house that specializes in high-end bespoke and limited run ready-to-wear items.

Kiton was founded by Ciro Parone in 1968 as a bespoke clothing company that adhered to the Neapolitan sartorial tradition of tailoring. This tradition involves using the highest quality of fabrics, hand stitching an inner lining to match the outer garment and specially crafting the shoulders and sleeves in a very specific fashion to produce a one-of-a-kind look and feel that is unique to Neapolitan sartorial articles of clothing.

Although Kiton started out strictly as a menswear company that produced bespoke suits they have since expanded their selection to include women's suits as well as men's outerwear, shoes, and neckties.

Unlike other clothing manufacturers Kiton does not industrialize their clothing production and instead relies on over 300 tailors to produce limited runs of their clothing each season. These tailors are responsible for both: the bespoke items, as well as the limited run ready-to-wear items. All Kiton clothing is produced out of 100% natural fabrics with the belief that every piece of clothing must have a strong fabric foundation in order for it to be of high quality.

Due to the labor-intensive process involved in creating Kiton suits, less than 20,000 are produced each year and can cost up to $15,000, with the most expensive costing nearly $50,000.