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Jewish Hat

The Jewish Hat is a type of traditional Jewish headwear. For a full description and pictures please click this link.

A Jewish hat is a cone shaped hat that comes in a variety of colors, though white and yellow are the most traditional. The name Jewish hat comes from its origin as a hat worn by Jewish men in medieval Europe. While the hat was originally a sign of cultural heritage and pride that was worn by Jews as a matter of free will; it later became something that Jewish men were required to wear in some parts of Europe around the 13th century to distinguish themselves as Jewish. This is not unlike the practices imposed by the Nazis during World War II.

The cone shape of the Jewish hat is not something that is set in stone; rather its construction varies on the styles and trends of the time period. Some have brims while others are brimless. Some have a smooth taper while others are tapered in sections.

Today the Jewish hat is still worn by observant Jews however its shape has evolved over time to be far less noticeable and almost unrecognizable from its cone shaped origins.