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Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is a German based fashion house that was founded Hugo Ferdinand Boss in 1923. To read the entire story of this brand label and its impact on men's fashion please click this link.

Hugo Boss is a Germany based upscale fashion company that was founded in 1923 by Hugo Ferdinand Boss. While it started as a uniform company and later transitioned to a menswear company, Hugo Boss now makes both men and women's clothing.

Today Hugo Boss sells mostly high end items that fit into several different child labels all operating under the same Hugo Boss brand. For men Hugo Boss has a casual/sporty division called Boss Orange, a sportswear division called Boss Green, a trendy division named Hugo, and a high-end sophisticated division called Boss Black. The Hugo Boss women’s divisions include Hugo, Boss Black and Boss orange; all of which follow the same guidelines as their male counterpart.

In 1993 Hugo Boss expanded from a clothing company to also include their own brand of fragrances which are sold under the Hugo, and Boss divisions. Since their inception Hugo Boss branded fragrances have faced positive market reaction and have enjoyed good sales. It is worth noting that while today Hugo Boss is a successful clothing company, the company's past is a topic of much debate. The company's founder Hugo Ferdinand Boss was charged with being a Nazi sympathizer after becoming a member of the Nazi party and supplying uniforms for the SS, Hitler Youth, and the SA. It is not known whether Hugo was a true believer in the Nazi philosophy or merely an opportunist. Prior to joining the party and producing uniforms Hugo’s company was forced into bankruptcy; so it is not known whether this shift in focus was political or money driven.

After World War II the company turned their focus towards producing men's business suits and found a successful niche market for high-quality men's suits through the 60s and 70s which sustained the company and allowed them to grow into a larger fashion house that produced both men's and women's clothing. Hugo Boss produced and designs higher end fashion including a collection of fine mens neckwear.