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The hoodie is a sweater style that has a hood attached to the back. For more information please click here:

A hoodie is a style of sweatshirt that is long sleeved, covers the entire upper body and includes an attached hood typically with a drawstring to adjust the diameter of the hood opening.

Hoodies come in both pullover and zip up varieties. Additionally, hoodies typically have two large pockets that are situated towards the bottom of the front of the hoodie.

While the modern hoodie can be traced back to the 1930s it should be noted that this form factor of clothing dates back much longer. One only needs to look at the cowels and tunics worn in the Middle Ages to see where the modern hoodie originated.

Hoodies are a casual piece of clothing typically worn by young people on days when an insulating jacket would be overkill. The worldwide perception of hoodies does vary from country to country; where in some countries hoodies are nothing more than casual garments while in others they are considered to be antisocial statements.