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Homborg Hat

The homborg is a "fixed form" style fedora hat that originated in Germany at the end of the 19th century. To read more on the Homborg hat style please click this link.

A homburg hat is fixed form hat constructed out of stiff felt. The shape of the homburg borrows heavily from the fedora with its dent running down the crown and an upward curled brim; however unlike the fedora, which can be reshaped, a homburg hat retains a fixed shape.

Typically most homburg hats have a grosgrain (tightly woven ribbon with small horizontal ribs) hat band circumnavigating the crown which may be used to hold a single upright angled feather. A derivation of the homburg hat is the lord’s hat which simply has the hat band removed.

The homburg hat originated in the spa town of Bad Homburg Germany and was popularized in the early 1900’s by Edward VII. In terms of formality the homburg is considered to be a formal hat, and is appropriate headwear for formal black tie events; though not formal enough for events that necessitate a top hat.

Though the homburg hat remained popular for quite some time, today it is not commonly seen. While it is still worn by hat enthusiasts, it does not have the same appeal as the more ubiquitous fedora.