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Glengarry Cap

The Glengarry cap originated in Scotland and is recognized by the ribbons hanging down from the hat's back side.

A Glengarry cap is a style of men’s hat popular in Scotland both as part of both military uniforms and civilian wear. The styling of a Glengarry cap is quite distinctive making it easy to differentiate from other styles of hats. The Glengarry is an oblong shaped hat that covers more of the forehead and back of the head than it does the sides of the head. The most distinctive feature is the inverted peak that runs the entire length of the hat concurrent with the oblong shape. Additional easily recognized features of the Glengarry cap are the ribbons that hang down the rear of the cap as well as the round bobble (known as a toorie) affixed to the center of the inverted peak.

At different times throughout history Glengarry caps have been incorporated into various police and military uniforms. In many instances the ornamentation of the cap as well as the colors of fabric used in its construction have denoted what military branch or police force the wearer of the cap belonged to. The only thing that has changed about the cap since its inception is the manner in which it is worn. Before the Second World War Glengarry caps were typically worn at a severe angle with the right side of the cap touching the ear. Postwar it became popular to wear the hat centered on the head.