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Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani was born in Piacenza, Italy on July 11th, 1934. He created the world famous fashion label Armani in 1974. To read more on the designer Armani please click on the link on the left.

Giorgio Armani is the founder and owner of the renowned Italian designer label Armani. Before staring his own label with business partner Sergio Galeotti he worked for the designer Nino Cerruti from 1961 to 1970. After leaving Ceruti Armani spend almost 4 years on freelance designing before starting his own business in 1974.

Armani is mostly known for his clean and elegant lines in the world of mens fashion. His breakthrough in fashion is mostly accredited for the designs he created for Hollywood celebrities. In the movie "American Gigolo" Richard Gere was dressed in clothing designed by Giorgio Armani himself. Shortly after, Forbes magazine labeled him the "Most Successful Fashion Designer That Ever Came Out of Italy". A title he has received twice by Forbes Magazine to date.

Today Armani's networth is estimated to be close to $5 Billion dollars. Besides designing and fashion he has a strong interest in sports. He is the president of the Milan Basketball team and a fan of soccer team Inter Milan.