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Gingham Cloth

Gingham cloth is a cotton fabric that typically displays some type of plaid pattern. Fore more information and pictures please click here:

Gingham is a type of fabric constructed out of plain (tabby) woven cotton or cotton blended yarn. The name gingham is actually in reference to the pattern achieved through weaving different colors of yarn rather than the weaving technique itself. Gingham fabric has a very distinctive and symmetrical checkerboard or plaid appearance.

Originally gingham was a striped fabric and it was not until the mid 18th century that it transitioned from striped to a checkered pattern. Perhaps the most easily recognizable and iconic piece of gingham, at least in North America, is the ragged white checkered tablecloth often seen at outdoor picnics.

Gingham does not have to be red and white, and in fact can be any combination of colors. Another notable piece of gingham is the blue and white checkered dress worn by the character Dorothy in the film the Wizard of Oz. In fact while gingham is most often seen being utilized in production of window drapes, upholstery and table cloths. It is also used to make clothing.

When it comes to neckties, gingham checks have been growing in popularity for spring and summer ties made from cotton and seersucker. Most popular are two-tone gingham checks in classic spring colors such as light blue and bold reds. Looking for a gingham check tie? Then take a look at our Plaid Tie Selection to browse the current collections.