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GUCCI is an Italian fashion power-house that is most known for their fine fabrics as well as accessories such as sunglasses, shoes, and handbags. To read more on Gucci please click this link.

Gucci is a well known Italian fashion and accessory house. Gucci was founded by Guccio Gucci and began, similar to Hermes, as a saddle making shop in 1906. In 1923 Gucci transitioned from saddle making to fashion accessories.

While Gucci does make ready-to-wear articles of clothing it is their accessories and fabrics that form the lion's share of what makes the company popular. It is difficult to visit an airport without seeing a Gucci branded piece of luggage, or walk the streets of New York without seeing a Gucci purse.

From the 1920s to the 1980s the Gucci brand enjoyed a meteoric rise to the top of the fashion totem pole; with Hollywood movie stars and fashion elites from around the world all clamoring to purchase and wear Gucci clothes and accessories. In the 1980s however family infighting nearly ruined the Gucci company as warring clans within the family nearly bankrupted the entire company. In addition to the infighting, cheap knockoffs and an over ambitious licensing program diluted the Gucci brand name to the point where it was no longer considered fashionable.

In the late 80s everything changed and the Gucci company was placed under new management after effectively removing many of the Gucci family members. Under new management Gucci has once again risen to the top of the fashion totem pole and is considered one of the major fashion brands across the world.