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Fly Front Shirt

The fly front shirt is a type of formal dress shirt commonly worn with tuxedo and bow tie. To read more on this shirt style please click this link.

The fly front shirt (also commonly called covered placket or concealed placket) is a derivation of a standard button shirt where the buttons are concealed behind a flap (or two flaps) of fabric. A fly front can be found on any style of shirt that uses buttons or even zippers as fasteners. While this style is most commonly seen on full button up shirts, it can also be found on polo shirts and jackets.

Traditionally this style of shirt was seen as less formal than its naked button counterpart, however this perception is changing, and today fly front shirts can be found as a part of many stylish and fashion forward tuxedo ensembles.

The fly front shirt is not nearly as pervasive as the standard button shirt, however it is gaining popularity. Recently a fly front shirt was a part of the wardrobe cast members wore on the poster for the popular movie Casino Royal. High profile appearances like this are slowly increasing the fly front shirts market share and consumer perception as an acceptable style alternative.