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The fedora is felt hat made popular in men's fashion in the 1920s. To learn more about the fedora please click the word on the left.

The fedora hat is characterized by a creased top, running alongside the crown, and dimpled front sides. Although the fedora is nowadays associated with a men's clothing accessory it was initially a women's clothing item. The fedora got the name from the French play named 'Fedora', written in 1882, and first performed in the US in 1889. The actress, Sarah Bernhardt, played Princess 'Fedora' who wore a hat very similar to the Fedora.

During the 1920s the fedora hat gained much popularity among men as a elegant clothing accessory. Later on, during the 1940s, the fedora hat was commonly associated with the "Gangster Look" in combination with a trench coat. Although still worn today, the fedora hat is nowadays commonly associated with Orthodox Jews.

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