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Fanny Pack

The fanny back is a belt pouch that was once popular during the late 1980s. Today the fanny pack is considered a fashion faux pas. For more info please click this link.

A fanny pack is a small to medium-sized bang or pouch that is closed by a zipper and attached to the wearer by a strap that circumnavigates the hips or waist.

The name fanny pack derives from the accessories’ original intent to be worn with the bag sitting above the buttocks. Due however to the inconvenience of constantly trying to access a pack that is always behind the wearer most individuals choose to wear fanny packs backwards with the bag resting below their stomach or at the hip.

Fanny packs were popular for only a very brief amount of time during the late 1980s and early 1990s; and even then they were only popular among a very limited subset of the population, namely tourists and those concerned more with utility than fashion. Today fanny packs are considered to be quite unfashionable though their use remains popular among hikers and bikers due to the large amount of hands free utility that these packs provide.

While the name fanny pack is for the most part limited to the United States; the pack itself can be found across the globe under different names such as belt pack, buffalo pouch, hip pack, brown bag and many others.