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Corduroy is a type of fabric that is recognized by it's vertical ribbed pattern. To read more on corduroy fabric please click this link.

Corduroy is a common fabric made of twisted fibers that are woven parallel to each other. It is this parallel weaving that gives corduroy its recognizable texture.

The common belief is that corduroy fabric was first created in Manchester England where it received its name from the combination of the two English words cord (in relation to the corded appearance) and duroy (an obsolete word for coarsely woven material). There is no proven origin for corduroy fabric, so while this is a commonly held assumption is not backed up by fact.

Corduroy is known for being a durable and warmth retaining cloth so it is especially popular in colder climates. While it is most commonly used for constructing pants, it is also typical for corduroy to be used in the construction of sports coats as well as high fashion oriented articles of clothing such as vests.

The cords used in the construction of corduroy fabric can come in different diameters which result in a varied appearance. Thick chords can be used to accentuate the appearance of the corduroy fabric, while thin cords can look much like twill from a distance.

Articles of clothing made from corduroy fabric are not commonly worn in formal and business situations as the style of the fabric is considered to be more of a casual or business casual look. You may also like this post in our blog titled How to Wear Corduroy