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Chesterfield in terms of mens clothing refers to a type of overcoat. To read the entire story on the Chesterfield coat please click this link.

A chesterfield coat is a stylized variation of the common overcoat. An overcoat is simply a coat that is worn as an outer layer of clothing; hence the name overcoat. Typically overcoats extend below the knee, though this does not always have to be the case, especially in modern women’s overcoats.

The chesterfield coat was created as a less involved alternative to its popular predecessor the frock coat. Whereas the frock overcoat used a pronounced waist seam to gain shape, the chesterfield uses only side seams or darts to accentuate the waist. This results in a less pronounced indent around the waist and a more streamlined modern appearance.

Chesterfields may be single or double breasted, and are typically made of heavy weight fabrics like camel hair, tweed or wool with a felt collar. Chesterfield coats gained the majority of their popularity in the 1920’s however are still worn extensively today.