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Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are similar to Khakis but with the difference of hacing side pocket sewn onto the outer thighs. For more information on Cargo Pants please click:

Cargo pants are a variation on the traditional design of khaki pants made to transform the khakis into a more sturdy and robust pair of pants.

While there is no one set definition of what constitutes cargo pants; there are some general guidelines that most cargo pants follow. Cargo pants are typically looser than traditional khakis, allowing for easier unrestricted movement; they also have large patch pockets that are generally located on the outer thigh. These pockets are closed with a flap that is secured by any type of fastener.

There are two main categories of cargo pants; fashion pants and functional cargos. Functional cargo pants are very rugged and made out of special material that dries quickly and stands up to wear and tear. The seams are also reinforced on most functional cargo pants. Fashion cargo pants look much like their functional counterparts however are generally not as rugged, focusing more on the look of the pants rather than the function.