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Canali is a high-end Italian tailor that was founded by two brothers in 1934. To read the entire story of this clothing brand please click the link.

Canali is Italian menswear company that was founded in 1934 by the brothers Giovanni and Giacomo Canali. The company expanded in the 1950s as more of the family became involved with production and soon became a major player in the Italian fashion scene. It was not until the mid-70s however that Canali gained recognition outside of Italy by a worldwide audience when they finally allowed foreign buyers to purchase their clothing.

Soon thereafter Canali expanded their production lines beyond producing suits and started creating branded shirts, belts, shoes, and mens ties as well as a sportswear line.

All Canali garments are tailor-made and produced entirely within Italy within one of seven different tailoring shops located around the country. It should be noted that while Canali clothing is tailor-made, it is not bespoke. Canali clothing can be found in stores all over the globe. Flagship stores for the company are located in Milan, Paris, Amsterdam, Miami, London, Tokyo, Moscow, Beijing, St. Petersburg, Shanghai, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and Kuwait City. In addition to flagship stores, Canali clothing can be found in over 1000 other locations including boutique and specialty shops.