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Bunting is a thin fabric made out of worsted wool. To read more about bunting, such as how it is made as well as its uses, please click this link.

Bunting fabric is an antique type of thin fabric constructed out of worsted (parallel weave) wool that was used in the creation of flags for the Royal British Navy. The fabric was a popular choice for this application due to its light weight density that allowed the flag to catch the breeze as well as the parallel weave of worsted wool that contributed to strength and the flags ability to wave with grace in the traditional undulation motion associated with a flying flag.

Today bunting has taken on a much more generic term that is used to describe ornamentation that is meant to look like decorative fabric (though the actual construction material does not have to be cloth and can be anything from plastic to cardboard). One of the most common forms of bunting are strings of brightly colored plastic triangles that flap in the breeze.