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Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers, founded in New York in 1818, is Americas oldest mens clothing retailer. To read more about Brooks Brothers and their influence on mens fashion please click this link.

Brooks Brothers is a brand known for its distinctive, elegant style. The company was founded by Henry Sands Brooks who opened the first store under his name in new York city in 1818. After he retired from the business his sons took over and officially changed the name to "Brooks Brothers" in 1854.

Although many consider Brooks Brothers a very traditional clothier the company has been quite innovative. Brooks brothers was one of the first to offer elegant ready-to-wear clothing for men. In addition brooks brothers was the first to introduce a "summer suit" made from seersucker fabric. Brooks Brother was also the first to adopt the button down collar to a formal dress shirt.

Today there are over 200 company owned stores worldwide. The company has always stayed true to their elegant classy styles that is appreciated by many businessmen around the world.