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Box Pleats

The box pleat is a double pleat that is commonly used on the back of a shirt or jacket. For more information on this pleat style please click this link.

Box pleats are a style of double knife pleat that forms a half box of pleated material rather than the simple overlaps of a typical knife pleat. The box pleat may fall in either direction, with the box pushing out or falling in towards the wearer. Much like knife pleats, the standard box pleat has a ratio of 3 inches of original fabric to 1 inch of pleated fabric. This ratio can be increased in what is known as a double box pleats that utilizes 5 inches of fabric to create 1 inch of pleated fabric. Like all knife pleats, the box pleat forms a smooth line at the gathering point rather than bunched fabric; this makes it a popular choice among tailors for creating clean lines on their clothing.