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Bolo Tie

The "Bolo" is a piece of neckwear consisting on a piece of string fastened with an ornamental clasp. To read more on the "Bolo Tie" please click the link on the left.

The bolo tie, or sometimes also called "bola tie" is commonly found in the southern state of the US such as Arizona, Texas, ans New Mexico. The bolo is a tie consisting of a string of braided leather or cord that is fastened with an ornamental clasp. It is commonly commonly associated with western wear.

The bolo was invented by silversmith Victor Cedarstaff of Wickenburg in Arizona in the early 1940s. The idea originated after his cowboy hat kept flying off while riding his horse. He was worried that he would loose the silver-trim hatband and decided to take it off the hat, and put it around his neck. He found liking in the look and started to create what later on became known as the "Bolo Tie".

The bolo tie gained much popularity and in 1971 the state of Arizona made the bolo their official state neckwear. Other states also found liking in this tie and in 2007 New Mexico also added the "Bolo" as their official state neck wear.