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Bogner is a German designer label that is most known for their ski apparel. To read more on Bogner please click this link.

The Bogner’s are a family of German designers popular for their skiwear and menswear. While the Bogner’s accessories and menswear products are quite popular, nothing the Bogner's produce matches the popularity of the men's and women's skiwear produced by the Bogner Corporation.

Willy Bogner jr. was born on the 23 of January to parents Maria and Willy Bogner sr. The senior Bogner established Willy Bogner GmbH in 1936 as a skiwear producer. The company was known for its innovative designs and quality ski pants designed by Mrs. Bogner. Bogner skiwear was so popular and well known that it made its first of many Olympic appearances in the 1948 Olympics. In the 1960 Olympics the West German ski team became the first ski team to ever wear one-piece racing suits, the style of which was created and designed by Bogner. Their signature design was and still is a zebra pattern as well as a large "B" on the zippers.

In 1970 Willy Bogner jr. took over the family business and soon launched an American branch in 1976 to further spread of the Bogner name. To match modern trends Bogner has recently expanded into the snowboarding market in order to capture a more youthful audience. Today Bogner extensively licenses their name to many different products, not all of which are created by the Bogner Corporation.