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The blazer is similar to a suit jacket. It is usually heavier in fabric, has more decoration, and traditionally is double-breasted. To read more on the history, styles, and fits of men's blazers please click the link on your left.

A blazer is a dressy type of jacket that is traditionally worn instead if a suit jacket. The history of the blazer in mens fashion dates back to 1837 in England. The Commander of the ship H. M. S. Blazer received a notice from the young queen Victoria that she would shortly inspect his ship. He obviously wanted to impress the queen, and after looking at the unsightly condition of his crew’s dress decided that his men needed a new uniform. He eventually decided on a short, double-breasted jacket with Brass Royal Navy buttons.

The color of this first blazer is a little disputed. Some argue that the first blazer was dark navy blue in color while others believe that the jackets had a navy and white striping pattern. After her visit, the queen was so impressed with the uniform that she required all her sailors to be dressed in similar uniform.

Although the traditional blazer is navy blue in color and has brass buttons, there are plenty of styles worn these days. Blazers now come in double, and single-breasted style, and are made in a wide range of colors and patterns. Higher quality blazers should be made from 100% wool. Wool drapes much nicer and is much more comfortable to wear that synthetic fibers found on lower end blazers. Read even more on Mens Blazers in our mens fashion blog.