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Birds Eye

In fabrics and textiles the Bird's Eye pattern refers to a tiny/ intricate pattern that looks like a minuscule polka-dot pattern. To read on, please click this link.

Bird’s eye patterned fabric is typically used in the construction of men’s suits. This pattern most commonly takes the form of lighter colored dots on a dark cloth background. Far from being a polka dot pattern, however, the spots on bird’s eye fabric are miniscule and from a distance appear as a field of solid color. Bird's eye pattern is also commonly combined with a pique weaving method to further add more structure to the fabric's surface.

There are different variations of the bird’s eye pattern, the most common of which has the dots being centered within diamond stitches that have been woven into the fabric itself. Less common mutations of the bird’s eye pattern (some which barely resemble the original style) are used on alternate pieces of clothing such as T-shirts and neckties.