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The bekishe is a coat style worn by Hasadic Jews. For more informaion and pictures of the Bekishe please click this link.

A bekishe is a long black coat worn by Hasidic Jews that is typically constructed out of black silk or polyester.

The bekishe is generally worn on special occasions such as Jewish holidays, weddings or on Shabbos. For everyday wear a rekel is typically worn instead. The exception to this is that many Hasidic rabbis will wear a bekishe during the week and then a dressier version of a bekishe during prayer services.

Bekishe’s can be found in two main varieties: the silk Zaiden and the polyester Ess. The Ess is the less expensive of the two and typically worn during Shabbos meals. The Zaiden is almost always worn during Friday night and Saturday morning prayers.

While the bekishi is almost exclusively worn by his Hasidic Jews there are some instances of non-Hasidic Jews wearing the coat especially during Shabbos meals.