June 25, 2013

Stylish Three Piece Suits

Style inspiration for three piece suits

Bored with the same old suit & tie look? Already tried adding new tie colors and patterns to your rotation, yet still feel like switching things up a bit more? Then why not invest in a 3-piece suit? The combination of vest with matching jacket will most certainly set you apart. To help you get the look just right, we at Ties-Necktie browsed through some of our favorite style blogs in search of our favorite 3-piece looks.

A truly classic ensemble that will most definitely earn you some well-deserved style points. The stone gray 3-piece suit is paired with soft lavender color shirt, black striped tie, and solid white pocket square. Photo credit: http://gentlemensattire.tumblr.com/


Perfect for winter is the combination of warm flannel fabric with a 3-piece cut. The slim smoke-gray necktie and white pocket square add simple elegance to this timeless ensemble. Give this look a try!

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June 20, 2013

$100 Necktie Giveaway at Ties-Necktie.com


Who wouldn’t like the chance to win $100 worth of free ties? A little over a year ago we at Ties-Necktie created our own flash-game titled “Dapper Dude”. To motivate all our visitors to help us in the fight against casual America, we decided to give each week’s player with the highest score a $100 gift card to our site. Best of all, it is actually fun to play (at least we think so). =) Give it a try, and maybe you will be one of the week’s top scoring players. Click HERE to play.

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June 18, 2013

Stylish Pink Ties for Summer 2013

Add Color to Your Summer Wardrobe by Wearing Pink


Even if you consider yourself a strictly blue tie kind of guy, we think that you should take a small step out of your comfort zone and experiment with some bolder tie colors this summer season. Right at the top of your color list should be pink, or a variation thereof. When pairing these ties, make sure you create a contrast to shirt and suit. In other words, should you opt for very light pink ties (such as petal, rose, and pastel-pink) then a slightly stronger contrasting suit color would be preferable (such as navy, midnight blue, beige-brown, gray, and charcoal). For bolder pink ties (such as the one shown above), lighter suit colors are excellent choices (such as stone-gray, cream, tan, and blues). Below are four unique ties out of this year’s summer collections. Read below on how we would pair them to suit, shirt, shoes, and other wardrobe pieces.


It doesn’t get any more “summer” than this pattern and color combination by CANTUCCI. The light coral and blueish-gray colors of this tie are perfect for your navy colored suits. We suggest you wear this tie with your navy double breasted suit, white shirt, brown monk-strap dress shoes, brown belt, and the matching coral color pocket square.

Much brighter in color than the first pink tie above is this contemporary striped piece by PUCCINI. The bold “raspberry” pink is paired with rose, lavender, and gray stripes. It is perfect for shirts in white, lavender, white, and even black. Give it a try. We guarantee you will get lots of compliments!


A perfect combination of a preppy burberry plaid with fresh pink, white, and gray colors. This tie will turn heads anywhere you go. Pair it with your charcoal suit, solid rose-petal pink pocket square, white dress shirt, and a sleek silver tie bar.


Last but not least we wanted to feature this bold begonia-pink and white striped tie. The combination of narrow textured stripes with this bold pink color, makes for an ultimate statement piece. We like it most when worn with a 3-piece, stone gray suit, white pocket square, and silver tie bar and matching silver cufflinks.

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June 11, 2013

New Collection of Elegant Silk Scarves

New Arrivals: Elegant Handmade Silk Scarves


Still looking for a father’s day present and want something not as cliche as a necktie? Then we at Ties-Necktie may just have the perfect gift idea: An elegant silk scarf!

Just last week we received a new shipment by neckwear designer Cantucci. Besides a dozen new graphic print neckties and handmade self-tied bow ties, the designer also impressed us with a new collection of silk scarves. Each piece is 62 inches long and 6 inches wide. The end is decorated with very fine silk tassels that are just 1/2 inches in length. To view the entire collection, please click the picture below.


Your Ties-Necktie.com Team

June 6, 2013

FREE Shipping for Father’s Day

Order by June 10th with Guaranteed Arrival Before Father’s Day*


From today until Monday (June 10th), we are excited to offer FREE shipping on any order. We guarantee arrival on or before Father’s Day for any domestic order placed before Monday (June 10th). Please note that we offer free shipping on all orders, including all international shipments. But also note that we can only guarantee an on time arrival for orders shipped within the United States. To take advantage of this offer, please use coupon code “FORDAD” during checkout. We appreciate your business and wish everyone a happy Father’s Day 2013.

*only for domestic US orders.

June 4, 2013

Summer Looks with Knitted Ties

Stylish Ensembles for Summer 2013 Using Trendy Knit Ties

Knitted ties are all the rage in 2013. Almost any reputable tie maker/designer now carries a collected on knits in their current portfolio. We at Ties-Necktie took a look at some of our favorite summer looks using this trendy fashion accessory. We browsed through dozens of style blog, spend hours on Pinterest and Tumblr, and even took a look at our own style shoots. Below are a handful of our favorite summer ensembles for knitted ties. Read below each image what makes each look so effectively awesome.

A perfect combination of color, texture and pattern! The beige linen jacket is an instant giveaway that this ensemble was designed with the warm summer days in mind. The sky blue and white striped shirt adds a nice pattern without causing disconnect. The button down collar on the shirt nicely compliments the more casual nature of linen. Last but not least are the accessories. The black knitted skinny tie is paired with a midnight blue pocket square featuring an off-white edging. Image Source: http://menstyle1.com/

While quite similar to the the first picture above, it is the cut and contrast that makes this ensemble unique. The cream colored cotton jacket features a modern double breasted cut. Again, it is a dark navy knitted necktie that was chosen to add color, contrast and texture. The look is kept simple and elegant thanks to the choice of a classic white dress shirt. Image Source: http://allthingsmenswear.com/

Everything about this look screams “summer is here”! The bright blue suit features a very subtle window-pane check. The piece is then paired with contrasting espresso brown necktie, patterned cherry-red pocket square, and brown tasseled loafers. The sock-less look is just one of many giveaways that this ensemble was put together with summer in mind.

Your Ties-Necktie.com Team

May 29, 2013

Our Annual Summer Sale – Save 25%!!!

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 9.09.25 AM

It is time for our annual summer SALE!!! For the next three days (through May 31st) we offer all customers a 25% storewide discount. All you need to do is enter the promo code “summer fun” during checkout. Looking for even greater savings? Then check out our Outlet Section where some of our ties and bow ties are marked down as much as 60%. With this additional 25% off sale you will be able to find ties for less than $5. Happy Shopping!

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May 28, 2013

Our Spring Fashion Wish List

This is What is Topping Our Fashion Wish List at the Moment

There are so many items on our Spring Fashion radar that we wanted to take the time to pin point some of our favorite, most coveted items. It can sometimes be a drag to negotiate what we need and what we want with the seasonal change -but hopefully these items will fulfill both. From accessories to essentials, these items are very much on our Radar this month.


Tortoise Shell Sunglasses are at the top of our radar.  These iconic sunglasses mix and match with everything imaginable from a linen suit ensemble to a weekend tshirt and jeans combo.  Aviator glasses have ruled the world of sunwear too long. The tortoise shell sunglasses are the new “It” sunglasses to have. They come in a range of styles and prices making them an accessible accessory for any man.


The Snuff Suede Blucher is the perfect shoe for the Spring Season.   This masculine shoe is unmatched in versatility and does wonder to tie together a head to toe ensemble with no regard to whether its a look for business or pleasure.  We want these bluchers!


The Graphic Bow Tie is that statement accessory that makes all of your basics look revamped and reworked to look modern and current. We are big fans of this Modern Bow Tie in savvy shades of corals and blues. These springtastic hues look highly fashionable with whites, wheats and navy blues.


The Navy Blue Herringbone Blazer is the ideal warm weather fashion component because it looks smart and it feels phenomenal. You’ll never feel undressed or overheated in this tailored, lightweight blazer.  And navy blue is the best blazer color because of its versatility to mix well with the limitless variables of the seasonal color palette.  You can always infuse more color by pairing your linen blazer with a solid hued pocket square.


The Patterned Ascot adds that authentic twist to your basics as well as a desirable dose of range to your menswear looks.  This Modern and Graphic Ascot in Teals, Yellows and Greens is on our fashion radar because of its luxury good looks and its designer craftsmanship. We can’t wait to get our hands on this ascot and team it up with a chambray button down.

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May 22, 2013

New Paisley Ties by CANTUCCI

Coming Soon: Classic New Paisleys by CANTUCCI

If you are a fan of paisley ties, then we got some exciting news. Within the next few weeks we will receive Cantuci’s new collections which include over two dozen new elegant paisleys. We have already received a few samples (see picture above) and we are absolutely stunned by the superior fabric and amazing detail that CANTUCCI was able to create. Each tie is made from a fine satin silk that was designed, woven, and printed in Como, Italy. The satin finish of the silk adds a nice brilliant sheen to these pieces which woven patterns and twill weaves simple can’t offer. As soon as these collections are available for purchase, we will make another announcement here on our blog. Prices will range from $29.90 – $39.90 and each tie will also be available as a matching pocket square ($12.90 – $19.90).

Your Ties-Necktie.com Team

May 20, 2013

Best Neckties for Navy Suits

Three Must Have Ties for Your Navy Blue Suits

Dark navy is one of the most common colors found on a men’s suit. While it is one of the most common business suit colors (along with dark grays), it can complement a smart-casual dress code equally well. We at Ties-Necktie took a look at over 1 thousand different ties, and picked out those three that best compliment your navy suit. From traditional business, preppy New England, within to smart-casual style, find the tie that best complements the occasion and your personality.

The Traditionalist
You appreciate a classic wardrobe, and you enjoy your brogue wingtip shoes as much as your Harris tweed blazer. If this sounds familiar then a classic repp-striped tie will most likely be a perfect pick for you when wearing a navy suit. Particularly, we decided on this wine-red and dark blue regimental striped tie by Parsley Luxury Neckwear. It is a perfect piece for traditional cut navy suits (2 button jacket), dress shirts in either light blue or white, and cognac brown dress shoes.




The Trenditional
You appreciate classic cut tuxedos as much as trendy skinny ties. If this sounds familiar then style experts might put you in a “tranditional” category. If this is indeed you, then we think you would love this pool blue plaid tie. The traditional pattern was borrowed from the Scottish tartan-check. The addition of bright color adds just the right amount of modern flair. It is a piece that looks best when worn in during the sunny day in combination with a clean white pocket square.



The Avantgarde
Slim fit suits, stylish fabric patterns, and unique colors are the things that describe your wardrobe best. If this is you, then we found the perfect piece to complement your navy suit. The bright autumn orange of this knitted tie is the perfect dash of color for your blue business ensemble. Pair this with a pair of cognac brown monk-strap shoes and light blue and white gingham-check shirt.


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