April 30, 2014

The Look Of The Week – Grays and Browns

Pair Your Grey Suits With Dark Browns

Menswear Style 2014


Gray Suit 

Striped Necktie

White Pocket Square

Dress Shirt 

Classic Brown Oxfords

Create an exceptional business look by accessorizing your classic cut gray suits with dark brown accessories. The combination of browns and dark grays is fundamentally masculine and fashionably approachable.  We all have a gray suit and brown accessories but many of us have told that our dark brown accessories only work with our tan and brown suits.  That is entirely untrue. In fact, we love the slight contrast of the warmth of the dark browns paired with the texture and starkness of the dark grays.

April 24, 2014

Pinstripes Suits Are Trending

Pinstripes Suits Are Becoming This Season’s It Piece

Pinstripes and Polka Dots

We are always on the look out for a new take on the quintessential power suit and we are loving the newest trend that we are seeing which is the double breasted pin stripe suit!  Typically, power suits are one dark and distinguishable color like navy blue or black paired with a richly saturated necktie.  But recently, the trend is shifting to patterned pin stripe power suits.  We are spotting more and more businessmen wearing pinstriped suits with patterned ties like this polka dot patterned tie.

Paisley Tie and Pinstripe Suit

We are seeing Pin Stripe Suits being paired with artisan woven Paisley Tie and patterned pocket squares.

Bronze Tie + Pocket Square and Suit

We’re seeing stripes layered on stripes paired with interesting colors!  We love the idea of mixing a knit copper tie with a pin stripe suit.

Your Ties Necktie Team

April 8, 2014

Let The Hunt For Your Easter Suit Begin

Easter Sunday Fashion Inspiration | 2014

Easter Sunday Suiting Ideas

Egg Hunts and Roasts await!  Easter Sunday is only weeks away and it is that time to start thinking about what you are going to wear.  Call us old fashioned but we believe that every holiday should be accompanied with a stand out, special occasion holiday get-up.  And lets be honest, our Moms love to see us all dressed up.   Easter can be a tricky holiday because it is in Spring and it can sometimes call for a lightweight summer suit. Most of us have professional suiting but not all of us have Easter Savvy suiting in linens, cottons or seersuckers.

Not to worry. We have some inspiration looks that aren’t just Easter specific. Invest in a lightweight summer suit that you can wear to summer weddings,  vacation dinners and Easter Sundays. We recommend white, tan or light gray.  For a more neutral look, we recommend pairing a summer suit with an ivory textured tie or a solid navy tie.  And for a more colorful look we recommend:

Striped Tie in Pastels  Polka Dot Tie

Modern Plaid Bowtie   Designer Pink Bow Tie


Your Ties-Neckties Team

April 4, 2014

Sneak Peek At Designs For 2015

Paisley Is On Trend For Menswear For 2015

Paisley Patterned Ties for 2015

On our recent trip to Italy, we spotted a budding trend in menswear fashion and we thought of you.  Here is a sneak peek at what we forecast to be the biggest menswear fashion trend of 2015 – The Paisley Necktie.   Prepare to be dazzled and charmed by a wide array of medium sized, paisley patterned accessories in  both dark and bright color ways.  All the designs we saw were intricate in detail, on the skinner side and made from a unique blend of materials.  We loved the wool and silk blends and we think you will too. We’re busy at work trying to  beat  this Paisley Trend and get some unique accessories designed and crafted and on to our website as fast as we can.

New Paisley Neckties

We also saw a gaining popularity with mixing patterns, textures and accessories.  Most of the suits had decorative pins that coordinated with the color palette of the necktie without looking too similar or choreographed.  2015 is going to be a fashion year that celebrates traditional tailoring with eccentric pairings.  Expect to see paisley ties paired with striped button downs, brown suits paired with brighter pockets squares and accessories of all types and sizes.  And just in case you can’t wait until 2015 for your paisley fix, we’ve picked out a few of our current favorites that you can right now.

Paisley Tie in Blue and Tan              Designer Paisley Tie in Navy and Brown              Designer Mens Paisley Tie

Your Ties-Necktie Team

March 26, 2014

The Knockout Style of the Knit Tie

Knit Ties Have A Handsome Retro Appeal

Burgundy Knit Tie for Men

Photo Credit: www.marianorubinacci.net

Knit ties are a welcomed accessory to menswear for their innate ability to add depth, texture and knockout style to a casual getup.  They are stylistically interesting in their ability to mix and match with a spectrum of aesthetics ranging from business suiting to prep oriented street wear. As knit ties are increasing in popularity, we are noticing more and more designers and retailers offering knit ties in a variation of patterns, colors, widths, etc.   Call us traditionalists, but we love the classic saturated knit ties in the staple school colors of burgundy, green and a goldish camel.

Knit Ties in Chic Colors

Rosewood Knit Tie

Ivy Green Knit Tie

Camel Knit Tie

These three colored knit ties have the ability to work with an assortment of light and dark toned neutrals.

Mens Knit Tie in Green

Photo Credit: www.dailycuteboy.com

This Autumn Ensemble is a brilliant example of how colors can and should be coordinated. The combination of dark oranges, ivy greens, grays, light blues and camels is a phenomenal example of Menswear done right.

Designer Autumn Knit Tie

Photo Credit: www.todaystie.tumblr.com

A hint of color makes this monochromatic look come to life. The combination of textures and patterns is both captivating and masculine. This season, make it a point to accessorize with classic knit ties.

Your Ties-Necktie Team

March 18, 2014

Cantucci’s New Paisley Collections



If you are a fan of paisleys then CANTUCCI’s latest collection should excite you. The designer sourced some of the finest screen-printed silk fabrics directly out of Como, Italy – a place world famous for its high end silk production. The intricate detail of these prints are nothing like we have seen before, and we are excited to carry the designer’s collection not only has neckties (3.125″ wide), but also as self-tie bow ties, and matching pocket squares. Below are 12 of our favorite new patterns. Click on your favorite one to see the entire necktie. Looking for the bow tie or pocket square instead, then simply scroll towards the bottom of the tie’s product page.


Classic Paisleys: A must have collection for every tie aficionado is this medium-sized paisley print featuring a classic color palette of blues, reds, golds, and tans. They are perfect for any season and will pair nicely with all classic suits and blazers. Click your favorite color below to view the entire necktie.


Vintage Paisleys: A bit bolder in contrast but just as elegant as the “Classic Paisley Collection” (shown above) is Cantucci’s Vintage paisley design. The designer opted for a more muted, grayish background color that nicely complements the vintage inspired paisley design.


Indian Paisleys: The largest scale and boldest paisley design by designer Cantucci. It features unique background colors with brighter multi-colored paisley motifs. While certainly attention-grabbing pieces, these are just as elegant and timeless as the two other paisley designs shown above.

Your Ties-Necktie.com Team

March 13, 2014

Go Green For Saint Patrick’s Day

Check Out Our Collection of Vibrant Green Ties

Vibrant Green Ties

Punch Grass Green Striped Tie

Grass Green and White Tie

Textured Spring Green Tie

Bright Emerald Green Necktie

Emerald Green Bow Tie

In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day,  feast your eyes on our collection of Bright Green Ties and Bow Ties.  Each and every one of these designs celebrates the spirit of the holiday, the Irish and the luck of the shamrock.  These punchy greens pair well with classic shades of white, navy blue, and charcoal as well as textured fabrics like denims, chambrays and wools.   Avoid the annual pinch for not wearing green this Monday March 17th, and rock one of these spirited green ties.   We also carry a collection of green pocket squares and green scarves if that’s more your style.  Saint Patrick’s Day is a festive holiday with the strongest association to a color. We say embrace it, celebrate it and Go Green!

Your Ties-Necktie Team

March 8, 2014

Our Featured Design – The Burgundy Pendant Collection

Add A Dose of Distinction With Our Pendant Patterned Accessory Collection

Burgundy Pendant Patterned Ties


Infuse distinction into your wardrobe with our designer collection of Pendant Patterned Accessories from the Cantucci Limited Edition Collection. This elegant accessory is available as a necktie,  a pre-tied bow tie,  and a pocket square  and are all artisan crafted from an Arte Seta silk from a small coastal town in Southern Italy.

The pendant pattern has an old world aesthetic that compliments dark toned suits and traditional menswear hues of navy blues, dark burgundies, browns, blacks and charcoals.  We highly recommend pairing this emblem patterned tie with a classic white dress shirt, a dark navy blue suit and a coordinating emblem patterned pocket square. You will look smashing!


Your Ties-Necktie Team




February 27, 2014

Pharrell Williams, The Song Happy and Bowties

Get Happy With Bows Ties and Music Videos

Happy in a Bowtie

If you haven’t seen or heard Pharrell Williams song “Happy” – you have to see it now. This music video is contagiously happy and will make you want to dance and accessorize in bow ties. As fashion enthusiasts, appreciators of good moods and fans of dancing,  we can’t get enough of this song.  There is also a website 24hoursofhappy.com where the song will play for 24 hours with shots of people clapping, dancing and singing throughout LA.

Take our word for it and cheer yourself up today by simply listening to this song.  We are also thrilled to see fashionable menswear accessories going mainstream. We hope to see more and more music videos that include fashion savvy items like fedoras, bow ties,  ties and pocket squares. And we also hope to have more songs that make us notably happy and add a bounce to our step.


Your Ties-Neckties Team




February 19, 2014

Suit Up in Three Piece Suits | 2014

Three Piece Suits Are Big in Menswear Fashion

Mens Three Piece Style

The Three Piece Suit has been revamped, redesigned and is currently sweeping the field of Menswear at a rapid rate.  This season, the three piece suits are more tailored, slimmer fitting and available in a broad ranges of colors and patterns. You can opt for a bright blue three piece suit and accessorize with an embroidered blue tie and a patterned orange pocket square.  You can also go with a more traditional look and opt for a check pattern gray suit, a black tie and a silver tie clip.  The options for finding and accessorizing your aesthetic in a three piece suit are endless.

We’re seeing a wide range of men wearing the three piece suit including celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as well as everyday business men on the way to the office. We are hoping this fashionable trend stays around for awhile because the three piece suit is a fashionable menswear look that compliments the art of accessory very nicely.  Three piece suits looks brilliantly handsome teamed up with ties, skinny ties, pocket squares, silk scarves and tie bars.

Happy Suiting!

Your Ties Neckties Team