April 15, 2016

The Breakout Color Of Spring Is Indigo


Mod Patterned Bow Tie in Indigo 

Paisley Patterned Pocket Square

Printed Polo in Indigo 

Contrast Tee


Dock Shorts In Indigo 

Messenger Bag

Knit Tie in Indigo Blues

Blue Wing Tips 

Linen Shirt  

Indigo is the breakout color in menswear fashion this Spring. This dark, intense shade of blue is making it’s mark and we couldn’t be happier. Indigo adds a see of fashionable drama, especially when mixed and matched with classic whites and delicate pastels. We have selected some of our top pics for menswear pieces in Indigo for you to browse and shop. Mix and match your indigo pieces to create a winning look for Spring.

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March 31, 2016

Get The Look: Spring Casual



Dress Shirt

Knit Tie 




Spring style is in bloom. Look your handsome best in this week’s featured Spring Casual Look that pairs chinos with a knit tie. This prep-approved look is an A+ in our book because of it’s stylish versatility. This week to weekend is about to become your spring chic look. Mix and match your collection of knit ties to make this look pop each time.  The multi-purpose cardigan is a great layering piece that pairs well with casual basics and gives you added style and warmth for those chilly nights. Inject more color into this look with any one of our colored tie bars.

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March 15, 2016

Menswear Accessories for St. Patrick’s Day

Crest Tie   Textured Green Tie  Pin Dot Skinny Tie  Regimental Striped Tie   Green and Blue Tartan Tie  Knit Tie in Green Hunter Green Floral Tie   Striped Green Tie


There’s one dress code rule to follow this St. Patrick’s Day: wear green.  We picked out our most popular green ties for you to pick and choose from. And don’t forget to use our St. Patrick’s Day promo code to save 30% which is: PINCHME.  Why green? St. Patrick’s revelers thought wearing green made them invisible to leprechauns. Anyone who isn’t wearing green is open to pinching for the day.  Celebrate the holiday in leprechaun approved neckwear in all shades of green.   And don’t forget to wear a green menswear hanky.

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March 3, 2016

The Look- Polka Dots and Pinstripes

Knit Tie and Polka Dot Suspenders

White Dress Shirt

Coffee Brown Knit Tie 



Give your trousers and suits and edgier look by pairing them with patterned suspenders and textured ties. This ultra handsome trio caught our eye instantly with the stellar combination of colors, patterns and fabrics.  Suspenders are making their mark in 2016. Mix and match them with our assortment of solid knitted ties and classic pocket squares. This astonishingly dapper menswear ensemble is absolutely perfect for the office.

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February 18, 2016

The Look: Winter Chic Casual

Traditional Scarf and Modern Jacket For Men


Patterned Scarf


Winter Perfection is at your fingertips with this simple and stunning trio of menswear essentials: a patterned scarf, a black jacket and a classic gray sweater. Layer these three  pieces to create a look that is sure to steal the show. Win over winter by cleverly accessorizing your fashion basics with one signature accessory like this traditionally patterned paisley pocket square. This look can be paired with wool trousers and / or denim jeans depending on the scale of casual that you want to go.

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February 5, 2016

Menswear Style On The Go

Style On The Go

Linen Pocket Square in Blue

Trendy Striped Tie 

Traditionally Patterned Scarf 

Menswear Accessories To Always Have On Hand 

There’s no time outs when it comes on-the-go style. Prepare for anything the day throws at you by having an arsenal of key accessories for fashion on the go. We love this bag of essentials that has reading material and menswear accessories to help you accessorize for anything. Patterned menswear silk scarves are great for adding an extra dapper layer to a night-time event. A jazzy pocket square is an easy way to perk up an office look. And a trendy striped tie is guaranteed to come in handy any time you need to dress up a button down shirt.

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January 21, 2016

The Look – Winter Blues

Get the Look - Plaid Suit and Floral Tie

Plaid Blazer

Pocket Square

White Dress Shirt 

Floral Tie 

Hello Winter Blues.

Look chic (even in winter) by mixing and matching your colors, textures and patterns. We were instantly charmed by this modern menswear look combining a wool plaid suit with an art deco floral tie. The combination of dark navy blues and bright periwinkle blues is fashionably captivating, not to mention utterly creative.This fresh take on menswear is perfect for a day at the office in a full suit or a night on the town with the blazer paired with dark denim jeans.

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January 7, 2016

Favorite Winter Menswear Pieces for 2016

Favorite Menswear Pieces of 2016


Patterned Silk Scarf 

Pin Stripe Suit


Striped Dress Shirt 

Bow Tie 

Paisley Pocket Square 


Leather Boots

Marled Sweater 

Our Favorite Fashion Finds for Winter 2016

We’re always in pursuit of finding the very best in menswear. This season, we are obsessing over these 10 fashion finds. All of these pieces are great add on pieces for your wardrobe that have the stylistic prowess to mix and match with your other winter basics + favorites. The key to winter year after year, is layering with classics. For 2016, we are gravitating towards a palette of deep blues and class browns. And always, always remember to accessorize.

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December 21, 2015

Patterned Silk Scarf And Overcoat

Winter Layering

White Shirt 

Emblem Patterned Tie 

Paisley Patterned Silk Scarf 

Wool Overcoat 

Layer your way to the ultimate Winter Look with this stylist approved look that combines a patterned silk tie with a patterned silk scarf and a wool overcoat. Get more bang out of your wool overcoats by accessorizing them with exquisitely crafted and designed silk scarves. The combination of colors and patterns will have you standing out from the crowd for sure. Cold weather allows you to be inventive and creative with your clothing combinations.

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December 17, 2015

Introducing Our Patterned Wool Pocket Squares

Pocket Square for Winter Accessorizing


We’re swooning over these gorgeously designed and patterned wool pocket squares in fashionable shades of blues and teals. Few accessories feel as luxurious as these handmade vintage patterned creations from the Cantucci Design House. Accessorize all your suits, blazers and sports coats with these cozy and chic menswear accessories made from pure wool. They also do wonders to compliment a casual denim jackets.


Elegant Pocket Square in Blue Medallion Print Pocket SquareBT0022T_BNT BT0020T_BNT