February 7, 2014

The Nostalgic Charms of The Silk Scarf

The Now and Then of The Menswear Silk Scarf

Cary Grant Style

The silk scarf is an extraordinary accent accessory with endless possibilities. It has a nostalgic past made famous by pilots in World War 1 and World War 2 and then movie stars like Fred Astaire and Cary Grant.  Above, we have a picture of Cary Grant looking outstandingly handsome in a sports coat,  a button up shirt and a silk scarf.   This style has a nostalgic charm that continues to influence and populate menswear.

Men's Patterned Scarf in Blue

Here is a take on how the silk scarf has stayed current and modern.  Silk Scarves have gotten larger, brighter, incorporated more patterns and are worn with more casual ensembles.  Some of our most popular silk scarves include:

Paisley Scarf in Yellow

Regal Paisley Silk Scarf

Designer Mens Scarf in Blue

Geometric Floral Scarf in Marine Blue

Silk Scarf in Burgundy

Burgundy Silk Scarf

Patterned Silk Scarfs are phenomenal accessories for adding color, confidence and prestige to your menswear pieces ranging from linen blazers to three piece tweed suits.  You can pair silk scarves with coordinating pocket squares, bow ties or ties to add more dimension and interest to your aesthetic.

Your Ties-Necktie Team

January 29, 2014

How To Coordinate Solid Brown Ties Into Your Wardrobe

Brown Ties Add Distinction To Just About Anything

Stylish Brown Neckties

There’s perhaps nothing more masculine than the shade of brown when it comes to menswear suiting.   Every man owns at least one brown suit whether it is summer tan or a winter chestnut brown  -whereas few men own solid brown neckties. Why is that? We want  to reinvent how you approach tonal browns and start incorporating them into you wardrobe in both suiting and in accessorizing.  Brown ties can be the quintessential accessory to an outfit whether it monochromatic or a palette of dark Autumn and Winter hues.

One of our favorite looks is seeing a dark brown tie paired with a light tan or fawn suit paired with a patterned pocket square to pull in all the colors.  Another look that excels is pairing a knit brown tie with a dark navy blue suit and a  brown pocket square.  There are a million options for how you can rev up your suits with the simple addition of a classic single hued brown tie.

These are a few of our favorite dark brown ties:

           Textured Coffee Brown Tie  Brown Tie with Texture  Mens Brown Tie

This season, we strongly recommend purchasing a few solid dark brown ties to wear with your patterned button downs and brown suits. You’ll be instantly amazed by the fashion savvy results.

Your Ties-Necktie Team

January 24, 2014

Dress Up Your Cardigans With Ties and Bow

Accessorize Your Cardigans For A Knockout Style

Menswear Cardigans


Cardigans are the new blazer. We are seeing a very concentrated trend of men opting to wear their cardigans with menswear accessories such as ties, bow ties and scarfs more than ever.   Rather than picking a blazer, gentleman are reaching for cardigans and creating polished but casual ensembles that blur the traditional line between professional attire and leisurely wear. This unique combination of fashion components is creating a new aesthetic that we are fully endorsing. We love the combination of colors, textures and fabrics that come together in this look. The chunky feel of knits looks handsome with satin finished bow ties.  Lightweight cardigans look modern and edgy paired with skinny ties.  The options and combinations are literally endless with this casual chic style of dress. You can pull this style off in uber bright summer colors as well as dark winter neutrals.

Modernize the way you approach your workday no matter if you work in a very casual environment or not.  This look will surprise you with its innate versatility, handsome style and polished sensibilities.  You can coordinate you solid colored cardigans with patterned dress shirts, regimental neckties and either trousers or denim jeans.

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Your Ties-Necktie Team




January 14, 2014

The Perfect Golden Globes Menswear Ensemble

How To Dress Like An (Awards) Winner


We have literally been inundated by post Golden Globe commentary.  It’s everywhere and about everything? “Did you see that dress?”  “He wore tweed to an awards show?”  “Amy Poehler kissed Bono?”

As much as we’re relishing in the aftermath banter, we can’t help but day dream about being that Leading Actor in a Drama and holding that Golden Globe Trophy.  If and when that day comes to be, we know exactly what to wear.  Any awards show calls for Black Tie Attire and we’ve broken it down.

A Black Tuxedo
Like clockwork, every year, someone tries to break the fashion landscape and wear something too inventive and it always fails. We’re sticking to the classic black tuxedo.

A White Tuxedo Shirt
And when ever you wear a tuxedo, you have to wear a tuxedo shirt!

A Self Tie Black Bow Tie
For an awards show, always opt for the self tie bow tie rather than the pre tie bow tie.

White Pocket Square
Every classic tuxedo calls for a white silk pocket square.

Black Patent Shoes
Patent Leather shoes are a must.

Golden Globe Trophy
And in the name of building up confidence, we believe in props.

Now’s it time time to work on that screenplay and hone our acting skills!

Your Ties-Neckties Team

January 8, 2014

Beat the Cold with These Classics

Menswear Supplies To Combat The Chill of the Cold Storm

Peacoat Style Menswear

When in doubt about what to wear, go with the classics. This quintessential combination of menswear basics is guaranteed to look utterly handsome when the temperature keeps dropping.   This look is as classic as it get from the cotton oxford to the navy pea coat to the broken in denim jeans.  This “Three Sheets To The Wind” flask will also come in handy if you need a sip of warmth while shoveling your driveway.

As fickle as fashion can be, there are some things that are guaranteed to never go out of fashion or style and it’s these very pieces. They are tremendously masculine, functional and fashionable. For extra layering you can also add a cardigan or a denim jacket but believe us when we say that this peacoat is impressively warm.

This ensemble can also be worn with or without a tie. The tie instantly adds a level of brilliance and polish to the button down making it a perfect look for a casual meeting or night on the town.  Mix and match your way using these components and we assure you- you can’t go wrong.

Authentic Peacoat from US Wings

Broken in Denim Jeans of your choice

Wool Scarf from Boss

White Oxford Button Down from Brooks Brothers

Black Skinny Tie from Ties Necktie

Flask from Izola

Your Ties Necktie Team

January 2, 2014

2014 Color of The Year is Radiant Orchid

Radiant Orchid Announced Color of 2014



Pantone has announced the official color of 2014 to be Radiant Orchid. This creative and innovative color is a handsome fusion of pinks, purples and fuchsias. This wildly modern color puts a vivaciously fabulous spin on fashion and especially menswear.  Men are incorporating Radiant Orchid into their aesthetic in a variety of splendid ways ranging from Radiant Orchid hued trousers to silk pocket squares.

This dynamic color is charming because it captures the enthusiasm and imagination that fuels fashion innovation.   Negotiate your level of comfort with this daring and dashing hue and reenergize your basics.

We recommend investing in some key Radiant Orchid accessories like a pocket square and coordinating tie.


Pocket_Square_Radiant_Orchid Radiant_Orchid_Tie


You can also opt to invest in more substantial pieces like cashmere sweaters,  trousers, suits and jackets.  We thing this brazen color is best used as an accent or accessory color to liven up neutrals.

Your Ties Necktie Team



December 27, 2013

The Year’s Best Menswear Trends | 2013

A Retrospective Nod to The Best Fashion Trends of 2013

Menswear Trends 2013

2013 was filled with plethora of definitive menswear trends; some were remarkable and others were lackluster at best.  We wanted to give a nod to the trends that we admired in hopes of having them continue into 2014.   Fashion trends come and go and some leave a longer impression than others.

Knit Tie Gray

Photo Credit: www.GQ.com

The Knit Tie
The skinny knit tie was one of the year’s biggest trending accessories. We saw men of all sizes, ages and aesthetics accessorizing their assortment of menswear essentials with skinny knit ties and tie clips. In fact, we are practically sold out of our collection of knit skinny ties and only have a few colors left.

Patterned Scarf

Photo Credit:  www.browndressandwhitedots.tumblr.com

The Patterned  Scarf
Patterned Scarves have always been an element of European Menswear and finally, in 2013 American men warmed up to this fashion trick.  We saw a number of ensembles handsomely improved by the addition of a luxury silk scarf.

Creative Menswear Suiting

Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

The Creative Suit
2013 was a phenomenal year for Menswear to redefine what it means to wear a suit. It use to be a thing that was associated to a professional position. Not any more. We saw men of all professions and dress codes wearing suits with a creative and dynamic spin that we haven’t seen before.

Green Pants

Photo Credit: www.tumblr.com

Menswear saw an injection of color this year.  We saw a tremendous difference in the color ratio of brights and neutrals in 2013.  2012 was a sea of gray when it came to menswear and this year, we saw an abundance of colors ranging from bright primary hues to sultry jewel toned shades used to make striking additions to menswear getups.

We are eager to see the trends of 2014! And hope that a few of these trends from 2013 will last a little bit longer.

Your Ties-Necktie Team

December 20, 2013

First Draft Of New Year Resolutions

New Years Resolutions: Draft One

NYE Fashion Photo

Photo Credit: www.swide.com

And so it begins. The year is coming to an end and everyone is doing a recap of the year’s best and worst moments, trends, etc. We can’t help it. But in closing down one year, we open up the next and we all have those optimistic ideals of improving upon a little of this and a little of that.

Ties Necktie is no exception to the rule. We have had an outrageously good year. We’ve expanded our tie collections,  created our own Tie based Video Game, worked with some amazing stylists and had the opportunity to really reach out and connect with many of you.  A lot of you played a lot of Dapper Dude Games.

We wanted to get to work on our first draft of resolutions and give you a chance to give us your feedback. What can we do better next year? What would you like to see? We are open to any and all recommendations and hope to add many of your ideas to our New Year Resolutions List.  We thought we would get started a few:

Resolution One:  Add more polka dot designs

Resolution Two:  Add more special sizes in new designs for XL and Kids

Resolution Three:   Work with a charity to donate ties

Resolution Four:  Start a Tie Enthusiast Club that meets once a month

Resolution Five:  Wear more bow ties around the office

Happy Holidays to everyone. We whole heartedly appreciate you and your love of neckties.

Sincerely, Ties-Necktie

December 12, 2013

Elevate Your Look With Self Tie Bow Ties

Self Tie Bow Ties That Are Guaranteed to Steal the Show

How To Wear Self Tie Bow Ties

Self Tie Bow Ties have been historically associated with Black Tie Fashion but that is changing at a rapid rate. We’re spotting Self Tie Bow Ties everywhere and being worn with everything. We’re seeing rugged dressers pairing self tie bow ties with jeans and oxfords and professionals trading in their ties for self tie bow ties.  Here are some of our favorite looks that we’ve spotted.  As you can see, they run the gamut of styles, but they all look authentically sharp.

No matter how you define your style, you can benefit from a variety of self tie bow ties that are textured, patterned or simply solid hues.

Burgundy Self-Tie Bow Tie Designer_Blue_Bow_Tie


These designer textured ties are charming and sophisticated additions to winter getups no matter if you are rocking a beard and denim jacket or a tweed suit.


Patterned Self Tie Bow TieYellow_Paisley_Bow_Tie


These two patterned bow ties are regal additions to a multitude of looks ranging from cardigan sweaters to denim shirts and suspenders.

Self Tie Bow Ties having all the style momentum this season so don’t miss out on finding the ones that work for you.  Once you start incorporating self tie bow ties into your fashion mix, you’ll never look back.

Your Ties Necktie Team


December 4, 2013

Punch Things Up With Polka Dots

Take Fashion Inspiration From George Clooney and Pop With Polka Dots

Polka Dots in Menswear

Photo Credit:  W Magazine

W Magazine and George Clooney joined creative forces and put Polka Dots on the Fashion Map this season with an all out Polka Dot photo shoot.  The result is bold, punchy and inspiring. We pulled together a few of our favorite looks that incorporate polka dots into menswear.


Polka Dot Shirt for Men

Photo Credit: http://fashionandpopculturemagic.blogspot.ro

Polka dots are a classic pattern that can mix and mingle with a variety of other patterns and textures.  This gray and black polka dot button down shirt works outrageously well with this tonal gray paisley necktie.

Classic Polka Dot Tie

Photo Credit: www.menstyle1.com

The quintessential Black and White Polka Dot Tie is an accessory that belongs in every man’s wardrobe. It can be worn with a tuxedo,  a suit or simply with a cardigan sweater.  A simple polka dot tie is savvy investment that can invigorate anything it is teamed with.

Mixing Polka Dots in Menswear

Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

Polka Dots come in many shapes and sizes making them a charming pattern to experiment with. Don’t be afraid to mix a few polka dot patterned accessories into one fashion-forward ensemble. We like this combination of a polka dot silk scarf,  a skinny polka dot tie and a tweed suit.

Your Ties Necktie Team