March 16, 2017

Get The Look: Retro Tan Necktie + Chambray

Get The Look - Chambray Shirt + Skinny Tan Necktie

Light Taupe Skinny Fit Jacket

Navy Herringbone Chambray Shirt

White and Silver Linen Pocket Square

Retro Striped Tie in Tan, Green, Orange

In search of a way to wear your chambray shirt into the office and get away with it? Here’s a look that will take your casual pieces and turn them into a men’s fashion masterpiece. We love the pairing of this easy-to-wear navy herringbone chambray shirt with a more office-appropriate light taupe jacket. The silk skinny striped necktie in tan, orange, and green with textured appearance adds a retro dimension to the ensemble while the pocket square takes the outfit up a few notches. Shop the items above!

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March 9, 2017

Men’s St. Patrick’s Day Style: Green Bow Ties + Pocket Squares







Last year we featured St. Patrick’s Menswear by picking eight of our popular green neckties. This year our stylist has chosen five sets of bow ties and pocket squares to help you celebrate your Irish roots! With festivities happening next week, don’t waste any time! Get your green menswear squared away so you can look your cheery best for a lucky year. Shop the items above!


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March 3, 2017

Best Dressed Men – Oscars 2017

Hollywood’s best looking men walked the red carpet this past weekend for the Academy Awards. Whether your favorite movie won or not, we can all agree the outfits are part of the experience that is the Oscars. With this year’s awards ceremony being nothing short of entertaining, we wouldn’t expect the attire to be any different! We’ve chosen three of Hollywood’s leading men and their spectacular pairings with the popular solid black bow tie. While each wore high fashion name brands, we’ve found items to help keep your money in your pocket. Each look is priced below $300! Featured below are Dev Patel, Ryan Gosling, and Chris Evans. Which look was your favorite?

Dev Patel Oscars 2017 - White Tux Jacket + Black Bow Tie

Dev Patel

White Tuxedo Jacket
Laydown Collar Shirt
Black Bow Tie


Ryan Gosling Oscars 2017 - Black Tuxedo + Black Bow Ties

Ryan Gosling

Black Jacket With Contrast Lapel
Black Pants
White + Black Ruffled Dress Shirt
Black Bow Tie


Chris Evans Oscars 2017- Blue Tuxedo + Black Bow Tie

Chris Evans

Blue Jacket With Black Shawl Lapel
Blue Tuxedo Pants
Fitted Tuxedo White Shirt
Black Bow Tie


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February 24, 2017

Get The Look: Green Prep Crested Necktie

Office Wear Prep - Crested Repp Tie and Gray Jacket

Whether from Connecticut or California, this East coast prep will transcend your geographic location. The green repp striped necktie with crests contributes a boyish yet sophisticated quality to your look. We love the variation away from the classic monochromatic suit with this gray blazer, black pants, and slick oxford shoes in oxblood. Make a trip into the office an excuse to make the most of your styling expertise! Shop the items through the links below:

Hunter Green Striped Repp Tie With Crests

Solid White Men’s Hanky

Men’s Blazer

Black Wool Pants

Oxblood Semi-Brogue Oxfords

Messenger Bag

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February 16, 2017

Bright Neckties To Wear This Spring

Halfway through February and we’re ready to start planning for spring! The bright colors that emerge bring happier faces and more expressive outfits. We’ve paired some of our brightest and best neckties on a faded aqua striped oxford dress shirts for your inspiration! Shop the ties below!

  • Spring Neckties To Wear With Striped Shirt

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February 10, 2017

Get The Look: Floral Mexican Tile Necktie + Plaid Sports Coat

Shop The Look - Mexican Tile Necktie

Plaid Wool Sports Coat

Dress Shirt

Mexican Tile Blue + White Cotton Necktie

Solid Navy Pocket Square

We are loving the mixing of these styles and colors! Red and blue are standard when it comes to menswear but these particular items vary from the typical pairings we see. Each a bold statement in themselves, the plaid sports coat and floral necktie inspired from Mexican tile designs create quite a pair! Branch out of your normal pairing routine and shop this look above!


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February 2, 2017

Gift Guide For Him: Valentine’s Day Menswear

Menswear Valentine's Gift Guide

Cherry Red Knit Necktie

Solid Red Men’s Bow Tie

Diamond Patterned Pocket Square in Red

Cupid Cufflinks for Men

Cashmere Blend Red Pullover

Rosewood Men’s Watch

Multiplayer Video Game Socks

Book about Bacon

We have now entered the loathed or treasured “Month of Love”, February. Wherever you find yourself this month, we’ve created a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him that is sure to tell a special someone how much you care. Even Dad will love these great items! Add a versatile menswear item to his closet with the red knit tie, bow tie, or diamond pocket square. Keep things classic and simple with a pullover for the winter months or a thoughtful wood dial watch. For the gamers, or those easily amused, a pair of fun socks, cuff links or themed book that speaks their love language.

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January 26, 2017

Get The Look: Power Navy Suit + Red Dot Tie

Shop The Look - Navy Suit and Red Neckties

Navy Wool Suit


White Twill Shirt

Apple Red and Navy Dot Tie

White Linen Pocket Square with Red Border

While trends keep heading toward a casual direction in the workplace, we love to see men who choose, and enjoy, talking the less traveled, sartorial path. That’s why we’ve featured a look with notable classic statutes. The essence of the navy suit will never be lost and will forever make men look better. Red neckties on the other hand can sometimes have an intense abrasiveness. We’re here to change that perception! That’s why we love this look with the red necktie and navy dots that soften the natural chafe that bright reds can yield. Tally this outfit up for a win with the white linen pocket square and trendy Italian sunglasses creating a bold masterpiece. Shop this looks through the links above!

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January 19, 2017

The Best Accessories To Pair With A Wool Jacket

Best Neckties + Pocket Squares To Pair With Wool


Earlier this year we shared The Best Accessories To Pair With A Linen Jacket. In honor of the cold weather still ahead, we’ve created a similar guide with men’s essential accessories for a wool jacket. There are many different types and colors of wool, therefore a tip to remember is to pull colors from the material itself. Brown, burgundy, dark red, and navy are usually as good as gold when worn in combination with similar blazers. Shop our favorite picks to this herringbone jacket through the links below!


Maroon Red Tie With StagsChestnut Brown + Beige Gingham Tie

         Maroon Red Tie With Stag Motif                     Chestnut Brown + Beige Gingham Tie

Camel Silk Knitted TieElegant Silk Floral Print Pocket Square

                 Camel Silk Knitted Tie                           Elegant Silk Floral Print Pocket Square

White Linen Hanky With Yellow Rolled EdgesWool Teal and Blue Paisley Pocket Square

    White Linen Hanky With Yellow Border           Wool Teal and Blue Paisley Pocket Square


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January 12, 2017

Get The Look: Wool Medallion Print Bow Tie

Get The Look: Wool Medallion Bow TIe


Look out, 2017! We here at Ties-Necktie are ready to keep your style on par. This week’s Get The Look leans heavily into some menswear favorites, a classic gray suit with the ever essential white dress shirt. Being fashionable isn’t always about having a new outfit each week, but adding in distinct pieces that will stand out. Our diamond medallion wool bow tie and silk polka dot pocket square take this already snazzy outfit to a distinguished status.


Grey Herringbone Suit

Classic White Dress Shirt

Diamond Medallion Wool Bow Tie

Navy, Blue, and White Polka Dot Silk Hanky

Watch with Navy Leather Strap

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