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November 6, 2014

Get This Celebrity Look – Chris Pratt

Celebrity Style Like Chris Pratt

Gray Suit by Michael Kors -$239.99

White Spread Collar Shirt by Calibrate – $59.50

Dark Brown Textured Necktie  by Ties Necktie- $14.90

Chris Pratt is dominating the headlines this season in more ways than one from his transformative role in Guardians of The Galaxy to his role as “Andy” on Parks and Rec to his dramatic weight loss. The more the world learns about Chris Pratt, the more they love him. We have picked out one of favorite Pratt looks and deconstructed it so that you too, can have some Chris Pratt wardrobe panache. This simple combination of a gray suit, brown skinny tie and white shirt is handsome, modern and expertly versatile. This look is a steal at $314.39.

October 24, 2014

The Three Key Colors You Need For Fall Fashion

Autumn Menswear Fashion Palette

Take Autumn by storm with this masculine + regal color palette of Regimental Greens, Dark Browns and Vintage Golds.  This handsome color combination carries notions of heritage Ralph Lauren photo shoots with foxes and hounds and the elite dressed to the nines.  You too, can emulate this look by sticking to this sophisticated and dapper color palette.  We carry a range of stellar ties in all three of these colors Dark Green,  Browns and Golds and we’ve also chosen our favorite three.

Striped Regimental Tie in Green Fall Season Brown Tie Knit Tie in Vintage Gold


Regimental Striped Tie in Hunter Green   |   Dark Brown Tie   |   Knit Tie in Gold

October 17, 2014

Jump Into Autumn With These New Designer Wool Ties

Introducing A New Line of Fall Tweed Ties To Swoon Over

Fashion Tweed Ties For Fall

We are elated to introduce to you our newest collection of Autumn inspired Tweed Ties from the Blackbird Autumn Collection. These dapper ties are handwoven with a Jacquard loom and are crafted from one hundred percent premium wool.   The Autumn Season is the best season of the year to layer up your menswear pieces and create masculine looks that are both fashionable + functional. These are three of our favorite ties for the season to wear with your work suits as well as your casual blazers.

Brown-Tweed-Skinny-Tie       Tweed-Autumn-Tie       Skinny Tweed Tie

Winter Tweed in Espresso Brown  |  Gray Tweed Skinny Tie  |  Midnight Tweed Skinny Tie

October 2, 2014

Editor’s Pick For How To Accessorize A Glen Check Suit

Get This Look With These Editor Picked Accessories

Best Accessories For Glen Check Suits

First Row: Tonal Tie in Blues |  Embroidered Polka Dot Tie in Navy  | Navy + Green Polka Dot Tie

Bottom Row: Paisley Pocket Square in Navy | White and Navy Pocket Square | Designer Pocket Square

Accessorizing a Three Piece Glen Check suit just got a lot easier. Our Fashion Editor picked out his favorite menswear accessories to create this featured dapper look the strategically and successfully pairs glen checks with polka dots and paisleys.  This three piece Autumn ensemble in steel grays and tonal blues exudes power, intelligence and fashion ingenuity.  For days when you feel like being more progressive with your business attire, reach for your glen check suit and any two of the accessories above.


September 15, 2014

How To Accessorize With A Gray Tie

Gray Ties Are Dominating Menswear Fashion This Fall | 2014

The Perfect Gray Ties For Menswear


In the World of Accessories, Gray is The New Black.  We are seeing men accessorizing with gray ties in all sorts of creative ways. Gray ties are being paired with traditional suits, camo vests, boldly patterned button down shirts and everything else you can imagine.  We have handpicked out a few of our favorite gray ties for you to incorporated into your savvy style of dressing.


Designer Texture Gray Tie       Skinny Knit Gray Tie        Designer Heather Gray Tie


Designer Skinny Tie in Dark Gray       Handsome Pin Dot Tie in Gray       Extra Sharp Gray Tie


Textured Gray Tie  |  Designer Knit Skinny Tie in Gray  |  Heather Gray Necktie

Skinny Textured Gray Tie   |    Pin Dot Tie in Gray   |  Classic Gray Tie

Your Ties Necktie Team

September 11, 2014

Colorful Tie Bars and Monk Strap Shoes Trending At Fashion Week

Tie Bars and Monk Strap Shoes Trending At Fashion Week


This Fashion Week, we noticed two big trends for menswear involving color tie bars and monk strap shoes.  Everywhere we looked, we saw men in ties with all sorts of of colorful tie bars ranging from hot pinks to turquoise blues to canary yellows.  This modern trend is contemporary, fresh and incredibly fun to wear.  We also noticed that the majority of men were wearing monk strap leather shoes which have a very heritage feel to them.  We like the juxtaposition of the two most popular menswear trends and look forward to pushing the boundaries with our choices in tie bars and tie clips.

Your Ties-Necktie Team

September 4, 2014

A Menswear Look That Mixes Navy Blues and Turquoise

Colorful Menswear Fashion

Navy Blue Knit Skinny Tie

Pocket Square in Mermaid Blue

Incorporate a new combination of colors into your menswear with this Featured Look of The Week that combines Navy, Turquoise Blue and White.  This statement look is anything but ordinary without looking gaudy or overdone. We love the idea of starting with a multi-color dress shirt and accessorizing with an assortment of coordinating colors.

This utilitarian and fashionable getup can be worn to an office meeting, to a date or for just about anything.  Skinny Ties have a more modern and casual association to them, making them a great option if you want to look polished but not stuffy.  The key to this savvy look is the combination of two accessories in different colors and coordinate handsomely with the shirt.

Your Ties Necktie Team

August 27, 2014

Wear Summer Madras Plaid Ties and Tie Clips This Labor Day Weekend

Summer Fashion With Madras Plaid

Take a cue from these two and look extra dapper this long Labor Day Weekend with our collection of Skinny Madras Plaid Neckties and Solid Color Tie Bars.  We have pulled together two of our favorite Madras Combos below but remember, the options and possibilities are endless with these fashion forward savvy skinny ties.  They are made from a blend of silk and linen and a trademark design from the Blackbird Resort Collection.


Blue and Pink Madras Necktie           Summer Madras Plaid in Orange and Blue

Madras Plaid Tie in Blue and Pink  and Turquoise Tie Bar

Madras Plaid Tie in Oranges and Blues and Navy Blue Tie Bar





August 4, 2014

Nuts For Nautical Fashion in Menswear

Look Ultra Smart in Nautical  Inspired Fashion Ensembles


How To Create A Nautical Look


Creating a polished nautical look can easily be done with the proper palette, the right cottons and the perfect menswear accessories.  First +  foremost, create a palette of all navy blues and whites and from there, start to think about your accessories.   For accessories, you can go with a linen pocket square,  a textured polka dot skinny tie or perhaps an anchor tie. It all depends on you.


Designer Linen Pocket Square Nautical  Skinny Nautical Anchor Tie


We carry a broad assortment of navy blue menswear accessories that can pair impressively well with your nautical blazers whether they are blue linen, white cotton or gingham checkered.  The key to great nautical fashion is looking clean, posh and well accessorized in head to toe Navy and White.


Skinny Polka Dot Tie in Blue  Designer Linen Pocket Square in White and Blue

Mix your menswear patterns and separate your summer suiting. For example, a navy blue suit blazer can look revived and casual by being paired with white jeans or chinos.  Pair your gingham neckties with your color trimmed pocket squares.  Sky’s the limit and the seas are open, when it comes to creating great nautical inspired fashion ensembles.



July 30, 2014

Hook, Line and Sinker – Neckties With Fish Hooks

Gone Fishing Neckwear From The Blackbird Design House

Designer Fish Hook Neckties

Want to combine your love of fishing with your taste in neckwear?  No problem.  The hip fashion house of Blackbird designed this collection of fun + fashion forward hook patterned skinny neckties. They are artisan made from pure silk, are 2.75″ wide and pack a ton of personality to a menswear getup.  Hook, Line and Sinker, these ties are a must have fashion component for any fish / fashion enthusiast.   They come in three vibrant color ways for you to choose from. And don’t fret, these ties are perfect for both casual and professional ensembles.


Blackbird Fishhook Tie     Designer Summer Green Fish Hook Tie     Skinny Fishhook Patterned Tie in Coral


Your Ties Necktie Team