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February 16, 2017

Bright Neckties To Wear This Spring

Halfway through February and we’re ready to start planning for spring! The bright colors that emerge bring happier faces and more expressive outfits. We’ve paired some of our brightest and best neckties on a faded aqua striped oxford dress shirts for your inspiration! Shop the ties below!

  • Spring Neckties To Wear With Striped Shirt

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February 2, 2017

Gift Guide For Him: Valentine’s Day Menswear

Menswear Valentine's Gift Guide

Cherry Red Knit Necktie

Solid Red Men’s Bow Tie

Diamond Patterned Pocket Square in Red

Cupid Cufflinks for Men

Cashmere Blend Red Pullover

Rosewood Men’s Watch

Multiplayer Video Game Socks

Book about Bacon

We have now entered the loathed or treasured “Month of Love”, February. Wherever you find yourself this month, we’ve created a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him that is sure to tell a special someone how much you care. Even Dad will love these great items! Add a versatile menswear item to his closet with the red knit tie, bow tie, or diamond pocket square. Keep things classic and simple with a pullover for the winter months or a thoughtful wood dial watch. For the gamers, or those easily amused, a pair of fun socks, cuff links or themed book that speaks their love language.

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January 26, 2017

Get The Look: Power Navy Suit + Red Dot Tie

Shop The Look - Navy Suit and Red Neckties

Navy Wool Suit


White Twill Shirt

Apple Red and Navy Dot Tie

White Linen Pocket Square with Red Border

While trends keep heading toward a casual direction in the workplace, we love to see men who choose, and enjoy, talking the less traveled, sartorial path. That’s why we’ve featured a look with notable classic statutes. The essence of the navy suit will never be lost and will forever make men look better. Red neckties on the other hand can sometimes have an intense abrasiveness. We’re here to change that perception! That’s why we love this look with the red necktie and navy dots that soften the natural chafe that bright reds can yield. Tally this outfit up for a win with the white linen pocket square and trendy Italian sunglasses creating a bold masterpiece. Shop this looks through the links above!

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January 19, 2017

The Best Accessories To Pair With A Wool Jacket

Best Neckties + Pocket Squares To Pair With Wool


Earlier this year we shared The Best Accessories To Pair With A Linen Jacket. In honor of the cold weather still ahead, we’ve created a similar guide with men’s essential accessories for a wool jacket. There are many different types and colors of wool, therefore a tip to remember is to pull colors from the material itself. Brown, burgundy, dark red, and navy are usually as good as gold when worn in combination with similar blazers. Shop our favorite picks to this herringbone jacket through the links below!


Maroon Red Tie With StagsChestnut Brown + Beige Gingham Tie

         Maroon Red Tie With Stag Motif                     Chestnut Brown + Beige Gingham Tie

Camel Silk Knitted TieElegant Silk Floral Print Pocket Square

                 Camel Silk Knitted Tie                           Elegant Silk Floral Print Pocket Square

White Linen Hanky With Yellow Rolled EdgesWool Teal and Blue Paisley Pocket Square

    White Linen Hanky With Yellow Border           Wool Teal and Blue Paisley Pocket Square


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December 29, 2016

Get The Look: Navy Tweed Necktie + Tan Blazer

Menswear Outfit - Navy Tweed Necktie

Light Brown Plain Blazer

Charcoal Cardigan

Midnight Blue Tweed Necktie

Brown Braided Belt

White Linen Pocket Square with Burgundy Edge

Navy Chinos

Twill White Dress Shirt

Round Watch with Leather Strap

This week’s Get The Look is an inspired outfit that we couldn’t help but love! While we love the dark hues that comes with winter, every once in awhile it’s nice to add in a lighter touch to keep things fresh. The brilliant blend of midnight blue and charcoal with the tan blazer makes this a statement look. As always, don’t forget about the necessary accessory sidekicks. Brown braided belt, dress watch, and white linen pocket square.

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December 15, 2016

Get The Look: Green Blazer + Navy Striped Tie


Mens Winter Look: Green Blazer + Striped Necktie

Green Jacket

Blue Dress Shirt

Green + Navy Striped Necktie

Black Pants

Brown Belt

Looking to join in the holiday attire but don’t want to go overboard with the red and green? This week’s, Get The Look features a festive outfit that can also be worn throughout the year. While we love seeing the mens jacket standards – navy, black, and gray – wearing a different colored blazer will launch newfound pairing options and unlock new fashion heights. The wide striped necktie brings a well-known feel to the unknown territory of an atypical blazer. Shop this look through the links above!


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December 8, 2016

Introducing Our Winter Plaid Collection

New Plaid Collection for Mens Winter Fashion

Winter fashion is all about staying toasty and exhibiting warm hues while not sacrificing your signature style. We’re excited to introduce these new plaid neckties just in time for the winter season! Each featuring similar plaid designs with varying stripe schematics in a stunning color combination of red, grey, and navy. Whether you’re looking to class up your office style or are planning a dynamic outfit for the holiday party, these skinny neckties will do your winter ensembles justice.


Faded Plaid Necktie (shown above)

New Plaid Collection for Mens Winter Fashion

Modern Plaid Necktie

New Plaid Collection for Mens Winter Fashion

Large Plaid Necktie

New Plaid Collection for Mens Winter Fashion

Trendy Tartan Plaid Necktie


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November 30, 2016

Get The Look: Orange + Gray Plaid Tie

Shop This Look - Black Suit + Orange Necktie


Dark Grey Blazer

White Dress Shirt

Gray + Orange Plaid Necktie

Orange Flower Lapel

Recent fashion trends are often busy, overwhelming, and expensive. While everyone should have a little fun with their closet, we also believe you don’t have to over-accessorize to have good style. This week’s, Get The Look features a men’s look that not only can be accessed by the every-man, it utilizes the influence of small statement pieces. Never underestimate the power of a dark grey blazer and classic white dress shirt! The eye-catching pieces of this outfit are the burnt orange and grey check necktie with the unique orange flower lapel pin. Don’t let the trending upsweep of more and more burn out your fashion flame, be sure to incorporate your favorite pieces that make your style, yours!


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November 10, 2016

Mens Style for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Must-Haves for Mens Style

Planning your holiday getaway this Thanksgiving? We’ve created a menswear look that is sure to impress any future or present in-laws. With these classic and sophisticated items, you won’t be compromising your style while watching football and lounging after the turkey feast. Don’t forget your trendy weekender bag for easy traveling and flask for the after-party!


Tweed Blazer

Sweater Vest


Dress Watch

Gray Dogstooth Necktie

Brogue Boots


Twill Weekender Bag

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November 3, 2016

The Best Fall Accessories for Men

Menswear Accessories Perfect for Fall

We’ve created a list of our favorite menswear items for the Fall season! During these cool, windy, and rainy months, don’t forget to keep your style in check while layering up. Be sure to stockpile your closet with dark hues of grey, burgundy, and navy for more versatile mix-and-matching. Keep the essential accessories always within reach for when the weather takes a turn; a knit cap, umbrella, and scarf should always be handy in your waterproof messenger bag. Upgrade your boot-game this year with an investment in a pair of trendy Chelsea boots, perfect for a denim day or dress pants. This year the trend is to trade out a jacket for a heavy sweater. A shawl neck is a great way to keep warm while staying office ready with your button up and necktie.

Black + Grey Scarf

Grey Knit Cap

Shawl Neck Sweater

Bordeaux Red Skinny Necktie

Burgundy Pocket Square


Chelsea Boots

Messenger Bag


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