February 5, 2016

Menswear Style On The Go

Style On The Go

Linen Pocket Square in Blue

Trendy Striped Tie 

Traditionally Patterned Scarf 

Menswear Accessories To Always Have On Hand 

There’s no time outs when it comes on-the-go style. Prepare for anything the day throws at you by having an arsenal of key accessories for fashion on the go. We love this bag of essentials that has reading material and menswear accessories to help you accessorize for anything. Patterned menswear silk scarves are great for adding an extra dapper layer to a night-time event. A jazzy pocket square is an easy way to perk up an office look. And a trendy striped tie is guaranteed to come in handy any time you need to dress up a button down shirt.

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The Look: Winter Blues
Favorite Winter Menswear Pieces for 2016

January 21, 2016

The Look – Winter Blues

Get the Look - Plaid Suit and Floral Tie

Plaid Blazer

Pocket Square

White Dress Shirt 

Floral Tie 

Hello Winter Blues.

Look chic (even in winter) by mixing and matching your colors, textures and patterns. We were instantly charmed by this modern menswear look combining a wool plaid suit with an art deco floral tie. The combination of dark navy blues and bright periwinkle blues is fashionably captivating, not to mention utterly creative.This fresh take on menswear is perfect for a day at the office in a full suit or a night on the town with the blazer paired with dark denim jeans.

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Favorite Winter Menswear Pieces for 2016
Introducing Our Patterned Wool Pocket Squares 

January 7, 2016

Favorite Winter Menswear Pieces for 2016

Favorite Menswear Pieces of 2016


Patterned Silk Scarf 

Pin Stripe Suit


Striped Dress Shirt 

Bow Tie 

Paisley Pocket Square 


Leather Boots

Marled Sweater 

Our Favorite Fashion Finds for Winter 2016

We’re always in pursuit of finding the very best in menswear. This season, we are obsessing over these 10 fashion finds. All of these pieces are great add on pieces for your wardrobe that have the stylistic prowess to mix and match with your other winter basics + favorites. The key to winter year after year, is layering with classics. For 2016, we are gravitating towards a palette of deep blues and class browns. And always, always remember to accessorize.

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Patterned Silk Scarf and Overcoat
Introducing Our Winter Wool Pocket Squares

December 21, 2015

Patterned Silk Scarf And Overcoat

Winter Layering

White Shirt 

Emblem Patterned Tie 

Paisley Patterned Silk Scarf 

Wool Overcoat 

Layer your way to the ultimate Winter Look with this stylist approved look that combines a patterned silk tie with a patterned silk scarf and a wool overcoat. Get more bang out of your wool overcoats by accessorizing them with exquisitely crafted and designed silk scarves. The combination of colors and patterns will have you standing out from the crowd for sure. Cold weather allows you to be inventive and creative with your clothing combinations.

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Introducing Our Patterned Wool Pocket Squares
Top Ten Holiday Accessories in Green

December 17, 2015

Introducing Our Patterned Wool Pocket Squares

Pocket Square for Winter Accessorizing


We’re swooning over these gorgeously designed and patterned wool pocket squares in fashionable shades of blues and teals. Few accessories feel as luxurious as these handmade vintage patterned creations from the Cantucci Design House. Accessorize all your suits, blazers and sports coats with these cozy and chic menswear accessories made from pure wool. They also do wonders to compliment a casual denim jackets.


Elegant Pocket Square in Blue Medallion Print Pocket SquareBT0022T_BNT BT0020T_BNT

December 11, 2015

Top 10 Holiday Accessories in Green


Santa Approved Ties and Bow Ties for Christmas Style. Look amazingly dapper during this holiday season with our Top 10 Holiday Menswear Accessories in Green. This fashionable assortment will have you looking spirited and stylish all at the same time. These handsome shades of green pair nicely with navy blues, graphite grays and classic whites.

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Look Your Holiday Best This Thanksgiving
Foulard Fashion Is Here

November 19, 2015

Look Your Holiday Best This Thanksgiving

 Dapper Style for Thanksgiving


Dress Shirt

Repp Striped Tie

Sweater Vest

Pocket Square

Oxford Shoes

Style To Be Thankful For

With Thanksgiving one week away, we wanted to celebrate the traditions our parents instilled. One of the many traditions was to always dress up for the holidays. That meant seersucker suits for Easter and wool suits for Thanksgiving.  Despite the trend of  “dressing down” in menswear, we wanted to encourage us all to “dress up.” Our menswear stylist created this top notch look that will have you looking debonair at Thanksgiving.

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Foulard Fashion is Here
Paisley Accessories Are Trending in Menswear 

November 4, 2015

5 Accessories To Pair With Tattersall

  • Brown + Blue Plaid Tie

Discover five unexpected accessories to pair with your Tattersall Dress Shirt. Patterned dress shirts are becoming more and more popular. Don’t be intimidated about accessorizing patterned shirts. We have hand selected five pieces that are sure to compliment your tattersall. Shop the ties featured by clicking on the pictures above.

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Get Big Style With These Little Paisleys 
First Day Of Fall | Accessorize in Amber

October 21, 2015

The Must Have Color of Fall = Tangerine

Menswear Pieces in Orange


Gingham Shirt

Bold Orange Pocket Square

Vintage Patterned Tie in Orange

Tie Bar

Fleece Sweatshirt



Ready to meet the number one color in fall fashion? Say hello to Tangerine.  We are seeing this unapologetically fashionable color everywhere from pocket squares to backpacks to parkas. We asked our stylist to pick out his favorite pieces in tangerine and here we are. This transformative color is a must for your Autumn Wardrobe.

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Get Big Style With These Little Paisleys
Cool, Chic + Casual Menswear 

October 8, 2015

Get Big Style With These Little Paisleys

Small Paisley Tie Collection


 Paisley Tie in Blue   | Paisley Tie in Carrot   |   Paisley Tie in Petal Pink

Add BIG style to your wardrobe with our Little Paisley Tie Collection. The modern and graphic paisley is handprinted onto one hundred percent premium silk making these ties must have accessories for both their design + craftsmanship. This dapper necktie  is available in 5 colors. If you like paisleys as much we do, be sure to shop our entire Paisley Tie Collection.